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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

P.E.I. abortion ban challenged by new pro-choice movement

Let it be very clear.
Abortion is not choice and it is not a right under any stress of imagination, It is murder, plain and simple.
P.E.I. is the one doing the right thing and the rest of Canada should follow them.
The way the news reads, is like a group, want to impose killing people, yes, babies and the unborn are people too, from conception to natural death, people are individuals with dignity and identity.
Abortion is a business and it is trying to get politicians who should know better to get into their circle of death.

What women and babies need is not murder, it is love and care and understanding and everything but making them accomplices of a crime pretending that everything will be alright because they got rid of their offspring.
Babies are not guilty of anything, do not punish them with death, with what here in Canada is not given to the worst murderers, the death penalty.
Stop the klilling, be it abortion or euthanasia, which it so appears, the media, specially the CBC, which we maintain with our taxes; is trying to once more, bringing into debate in Parliament while our Prime Minister, wants no debate on abortion thereby allowing the culture of death to continue.
Clearly life is not debatable, but as it is sold as a lie of being a choice or a right, then the law should protect us all from these tendencies to dehumanize us all under the idea that the state role is to condone murder as long as some people can feel better and avoid dealing with their conditions, mistake or not.
The only role of governments is to portect life and freedom, adn absolutely nothing else. Hence, letting life unprotected, and freedom reduced to nothing, what exacty are governments good for?
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