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César Fernández-Stoll
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Congratulations and back to work... on completely different scheme

Dear Mr. Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

I am copying all members of parliament, newly elected and incumbents, to congratulate all of you, for being chosen by the people to represent us, to serve Canada, to keep its people free, blessed by God to be an icon in the world for the defence of life and the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death, of freedom to be respected as individuals capable of deciding our paths, risks and responsibilities without the need of nannies, partnerships with governments or NGOs, to prosper as God has provided us with everything needed to do just that, from the individual and family, formed from marriages producing children for the future of our great nation.

A couple of weeks is about enough time to get passed the hangover of celebrations and it is now time to get started with a new government and new hopes for real change. Not only it is the government who has changed, as the Conservative Party of Canada now enjoys a healthy majority, but also the Royal Opposition has changed into the hands of one, the New Democratic Party of Canada, while the Liberal Party of Canada and the Parti Quebecois have been reduced closed to irrelevance. So, there is no more room for impediments or ‘strategies’ to produce a truly conservative agenda and to show Canadians that there is another way a much better way, a way that works. It is good to have such a numerous opposition as the clarity of the directions, hopefully the opposite side, will be able to be demonstrated and this is the kind of dialogue and debate needed, not suppressed but allowed and of which better ideas should emerge, the government governing and the opposition jealously looking after the people protection to be free. 

By speaking with so many Canadians or reading their notes; it is sad to notice that many express ‘opposition’ to either, the Conservative Party or to the New Democratic Party, without even addressing or being able to address the real reasoning behind such opposition. It is time to our politicians to become true public servants and with clarity represent the policies to take us forward into this new opportunity for change.

Change is necessary, because for starters, there would not be then any reason to have you in payroll for the whole year, every single day, because as you very well know, even when you are not sitting in Parliament, you are supposed to be representing us and no, it is not to gather votes, but to make our freedom more palpable and our safety, therefore our lives, more protected from conception to natural death. Sad enough to have to insist on this, like this, but it so happens that no law exists in Canada that actually says when a person starts having any kind of protection from the law and so a person might be killed on one instance and it would not be a crime and then again, only a fraction of a second later, it would be a crime, because, just because, politics have been reigning over the duty of governing. On any free, truly free society, this would not be necessary even to mention it, but the Canada that was is the still the Canada that is, and it is not the Canada before that, and which allows all of this to be and so; change is needed towards protection of life for each and every Canadian as well as anyone that happens to be here in this country as a guest so that they can clearly understand why is that Canadian laws are good and worth obeying and respecting and that our guests can accommodate and transform towards the Canadian way, the Canadian culture.

Change is needed to protect our freedoms as for so long and progressively, our laws have been manipulated and twisted to destroy fundamental principles, maybe to candidly try to obtain votes, maybe because someone much more sinister has been conspiring to make of our Country what it is not, a cave of absurdities where we are to be trumped by what other see as their right ignoring when God is openly offended by sodomy, adultery, prostitution, pornography, etc. and the people of Canada is supposed to remain silently abiding and complacent in tolerance. Justice needs to be changed towards a single tier, so that the law can be applied equally to each and every one of use. Human Rights Commissions or any other type of tribunal parallel to our justice system needs to be eradicated and dismantled. There is a clear difference between being equal before God and the law and to be equal to each other and so to make the law to forcing the people to abandon our faith so that some will be more equal than others. If the law is to treat us all equal then the laws need to be accessible to each and every one of us equally and be equally enforced. Marriage and family are from the individual and up, the pillars, the foundation of Canadian society as they are on every part of the world, this is a divine design which cannot and will not be altered, under the risk of condemning our nation to disappearance. A family starts from a couple married in the only way possible, before God as a union of one man and one woman. This is not an opinion, this is a fact.

 Change is needed in our taxation system. The taxation system, starting from the Income Tax Act, which should be thrown away and the bureaucracy built through years of increasing oppression, invasion and intervention in our lives; need to be dismantled. With this, all other taxations schemes and pyramids need also to disappear to be replaced with a system simple, just and fair to each and every one, like a flat tax upon each and every transaction so that the rich pays its portion in equivalence to the poor. No, this does not go against the poor or in favour of the rich, because it is not the goal, according to our mostly capitalist society to become poor but the other way around and I hope the goal of the government is not to  force every one into poverty. Money is not a goal on its own but it cannot be a policy to make it a goal by utilizing it to control the people or better said, enslave the people under it. It is the right of the people, for good or bad, to chose our own direction and risks and to identify what is really going to make us happy. No, it is not the duty of the government to ‘run’ the economy, but to run from it, to let the people, via private enterprise and everything at their disposal, except the government, do the job of providing jobs and building prosperity. As it is today, families are forced to engage just about every one of the members in the family into working so that taxes, from income tax to gasoline tax to what not tax, can be paid, before even thinking on growing and prosper. There is no mystery so on observing women young and old seeing the potential growth of their families as a burden rather than the blessing it is. Taxes are contributing to the abortion industry which should be outlawed as any other crime organization.

Change is needed in education or academia, where too many subsidies have allowed our children and youth to be ‘architected’ towards a culture of death and selfishness, where sex have been instituted as a end as opposed to its true function which is to gestate life, where sodomy has been impulse as an alternative to natural order, where collectivism is being pushed but not explained thoroughly and openly debated, where the cost of education has been permitted to grow in an spiral of ideals that have nothing to do with what will make a person capable of being a worth member of society a contributor as individual not a some piece in a puzzle that none is ready to explain but want constantly to explore.

Change is needed on many other areas that throughout many years of collectivism have transformed this country into a mirage that makes so many see a pool of progressiveness where the truth is that there is a dessert of nothingness because the individual has become just a piece of the state, disposable in accordance to the worth given by the elites in power. It will be always argued that Canada is really nothing of that because we have the people still consuming and getting along and building and so on and so forth, and that the credit worthiness of the people is what make them prosper because the ‘system’ is working, and the idea is completely fallacious as credit is nothing but net worth and it is a measure that makes the system move on slavery because the true value of life is skewed as the value of materialism. Surely capital and possessions are a wonderful incentive for prosperity but hardly for happiness and the current credit ‘easiness’ all it produces is stagnation and debt, much excessive debt. The suggestion is not to dismantle the credit structure but to rather let the people act on their own responsibility and accountability. If the people is deprived of great portion of their hard earned cash by taxes of the different levels of government, very little is left for much more important obligations to free the individual. The government is to serve the people not to disturb our prosperity and our ability to pay and seek opportunities so that we can be more controlled.

Change  is needed to understand that the government is not a religion. It is interesting how politicians jump high and loud when anyone mentions God in the affairs of the government, not realizing that most of the time, it is those politicians which are making gods of themselves, because they are worshippers of the most dangerous religion of all in the history of mankind, the one, not that denies God, but that only believes in the self as the one god and so, legislation upon legislation and the spiral has no end, is produced towards helping into their own goals, be it towards their friends, be it for the ‘businesses’ they prefer or even for what gives them, or their egos, more. The only way to address this, is by the true democracy, by giving to the individual the power and control over the government, thereby limiting the abilities of politicians to upset the live, freedom, growth and prosperity of the people. Democracy is not the power of the majority nor it is the power of minorities, it is the power of the individual so that the individual, not the politician is free and protected by the law, from conception to natural death.

The only possible way to democracy is limited and small government

Thanks and God bless Canada

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