César Fernández-Stoll

César Fernández-Stoll
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Democracy is the government by individuals, not the majority or a majority, nor the minority or a minority but the individual as a person. That single vote you mentioned in your article and for which it is imperative to limit the government, the apparatus for which a candidate is being elected to serve, not to be served, but to serve the people by doing only and strictly what the position entails.

I am not too sure what you have as Darwinism but it is it what is a main contributor to the problem rather than the solution, because it dismisses the power of the individual to become rational, because it imposes the idea that everything and anything is by chance, not cause or consequence and therefore, accident or luck, it is not the individual who has any say in the use of his/her freedom, freedom given by God upon creation and not any state or other form of organized gathering. We, as individuals are responsible fore our choices in life and therefore, because we are created by God, equal before Him, we are accountable to Him. The law of humans, only when aligned to the law of God, namely, the Ten Commandments, can have any power of to dissuade the individual to obey it. Any other law, ill or well intentioned, can only distort the spirit of the law and as it is evident now, favor some while forcing others, removing the ability to represent their individuality and even to produce and identity. 

For democracy to work, it is imperative to have a limited government and that is why there is a constitution, because under that set of rules is that everyone needs to operate so that no conflicts should be possible and it is when the constitution is broken or dismissed as some living document, that democracy becomes a tyranny of the elites in power.