César Fernández-Stoll

César Fernández-Stoll
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Life and freedom, only God is more important

So, the risk of not voting CPC is to give the Liberal party the government back and let Canada continue its free fall into nothingness, or the NDP, and then again the ones of us who remember the 'solution' Bob Rae was for Ontario and that eventually gave us McGuinty; know the kind of disaster that would be, the PQ, they are only a 'force' to keep Quebec happy, at the expense of the rest of the country, of course. So, shall we vote CPC because of the risks above?

I think it is Canadians that need to embrace the truth behind these votes. As the scheme goes, there is only one establishment and it is all of the above, including the CPC and that is the stalemate we all need to break. What is what is missing? The people! We are all missing! Because it is not only that we go to the polls on smaller numbers, but that it is because we are completely ignored by the establishment.

The CPC was supposed to bring change and then nothing, the same oppression by taxes and the same game of the 'deficit' and the 'debt' and the people is the only one to pay, the ones that work that is, because there are many parasites maintained by the system that include many who live of the system as well as there are predators, that 'industry' no so 'imaginary' living from the fear built into the system. What is imaginary is the hope that these 'lords' selling their images try to present in front of us and which is nonexistent because at the first claim of loss in popularity, they will sell and keep selling our souls, along with theirs to the devil so that their numbers look ‘good’.

Of course the main issue will always be life and freedom. Nobody wanting to be ‘elected’ will openly dare saying ‘I am against life and I am against freedom’, and this is true even in the worst collectivist models out there, like Cuba, or China, although in effect life and freedom are the less considered aspects of their intentions.

In Canada, there is no abortion law and the CPC through its leader, insists that abortion is something that will disappear once the people decides not to do one. I guess the same is valid when talking about murder or theft or anything really and so, why bother even having a government.

On the other hand, Canadians seem to be too comfortable with putting money aside forever until death reaches them that anything a politician could offer in terms of ‘security’ even though it means giving away the present so that the future looks ‘promising’ even though their freedom disappears transformed into a simple decision, chose this RSP or chose that RSP, and then the system is designed so that the people, the ignored element in this ideal, needs just to pay and keep paying and everything that imposes a risk to stop that process, means the enemy is showing and so, the enemy, is anything, from ‘living the present’ to having a child, or trying to put family and marriage before the satisfaction of these ‘lords’ and so, killing becomes imperative to maintain the status-quo everyone seems to love to keep.

Not voting CPC, and for that matter not voting for any of the other parties represented today in Ottawa, might be a good way to wake up to reality and to start understanding the real game these people have us all playing, and risking everything in the process. If life is not worth looking into during the campaign, perhaps if the CPC looses because it is not paying attention the most important and only functions of a government; protect life and guarantee freedom, then perhaps the CPC will understand what that means.

Canada is a collectivist nation built through so many years of hard work by the Liberal party and the inaction of the opposition and so the fear to have anything different diminishes before the status-quo.

The media is obsessed with the Green party, that watermelon fresh and juice on the outside but rotten in the inside with more collectivism and more intrusion and oppression in our lives, thirst for more control and power than the combination of all of the above, because they feel they have the divine mandate of restoring paradise for us and their academics have told them what we are or not doing right.

Our vote then must go with our conscience and our principles… life and freedom, only God is more important and no, definitively no, the government is not God.