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César Fernández-Stoll
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shame has tarnished the Order of Canada and us all

Today Canada wakes up to reality and in shame. Today, we can see with crude realism what the imposition of the culture of death, is able to achieve before the inaction of our leaders, of people that cry loud and clear
that we should vote for them because you are going to be for us and represent us and then, you choose the Canada national holiday, when Canadians are supposed to be united and feel together before adversity and positive about our future; you give away the symbol of honor the highest award anybody can receive for services given to the people of Canada with selflessness and sacrifice.
To be persecuted by the law because you want to kill children, defenseless babies in their mother’s wombs selling the preservation of selfishness cannot possible be something done for the good of the people of Canada. We know of corporations out there dedicated to profit from the practice of terminating pregnancy thereby killing the human being in the womb of a woman, convinced that she will be free… of the baby if…
You, who insist on being called honorable, have removed yourselves to the side and let this atrocity to just follow curse. Either you have no principles at all or you are just a scared bunch completely incapable of not even preserving the honor you are so persistently predicating to posses. Shame on you!
From now on, the order of Canada has lost its luster and meaning and has become just an instrument of a bunch of criminals to pretend their deeds are noble and honorable by imposing upon all of us their thirst for death on behalf of their own selfish hedonism.
The truth however, persist and the abortion of pregnancy remains a crime and a terrible sin against God and a terrible offense against humanity and the political game you all played, if at all by just staying on the sidelines while the other symbol long ago meaningless of Canadian unity, the office of the Governor General; takes charge and just steps over all of us desecrating human live and Canadian unity altogether.
The Canadian people has been insulted by its own representatives by the inaction before this trespass and the issue you tried to sell us all as some matter of opinion, while it was not but a matter of simple truth about life and death; you have now aligned with death and demonstrated that against any issues menacing the people of Canada, your people; you will just stay there and watch while thousands are being massacred in the name of ‘honor’
Please do not ask anybody to call you honorable no more, it just does not fit and it has become the greatest hypocrisy in history. Shame on you!
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