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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A pilgrimage to Midland, a walk for life and freedom on Canada day

Dear Mr. Harper.
As our leader, I am appealing to you two months now, before July 1st, Canada day, on which we celebrate the nation we are wanting to be, and on which I have committed to the Lord, my walking pilgrimage to the Shrine in Midland, Ontario; that commemorate our true martyrs, people like us, who gave everything for the building of our nation, in the only possible way a nation could ever be build, by giving everything to God.
Our nation in the XXI century, in the year 2012 of our Lord Jesus Christ, is infested by many wrong ideals and ideas, collectivism and destruction. We have abandoned God and His Son Jesus Christ as well as the truth of His gospel and the truth written in the Bible, Old and New Testament and have become a nation of sin, death and murder. We have abandoned the true living God to embrace paganism, worshiping money, power and materialism.
We use choice; the freedom God gave us upon creation, to seek justification to kill the most innocent among us only to hide behind legalities to pretend that our deeds are good or to say the least according with the law. There is only one law under God and it is the law in the Ten Commandments which Jesus condensed into two, to love God with all our intensity, first and above anything and everything and then, our neighbor as ourselves. The law is all about love, for God first and for our neighbor after. The law never ever can be for the killing of the most innocent and to ignore legislating the protection of life, when the menace is so blatant, is as evil as purposely legislating the murdering of the babies. Washing the hands is not providing any relief for the souls of our leaders.
Canada has abandoned love to find evil through selfishness, by trying to replace God with governments full of protégées in their friends in an oligopoly of power, control and destruction. Fear not of God, but of government, has displaced faith, despair has displaced hope and selfishness has displaced charity.
Individuals and families have been disbanded to seek the selfishness of their own individualism, protected by a culture of death in collectivist elitism. God has been displaced by idols and icons which are only good for their own interests and who keep us all sedated by propaganda that puts our finances as the sole meaning of happiness. We all know that neither money nor owning more is what gives us happiness, but to need less. But our laws have made us want more because through out of control taxation our politicians try to perpetuate the fallacy that it is money what will provide to us while wanting us to forget God.
This nation is in the path of disappearance, because as any other empire in history, we are destroying ourselves from within.
Our leaders have abandoned us by going to global country clubs of power and control, from where directives and orders are requested for governing the people. Our leaders do not serve the people, but other masters abroad with no other interest but to suffocate our freedoms and the sanctity of life, the institutions of marriage and family. Our leaders have become servants of these masters and have betrayed our people and their dreams of future and freedom.
Life and freedom are the only mandates any government has to protect to serve the people. Life and freedom are gifts from God through the Holy Spirit and while there is time, we must pray for our leaders to change.
Canada needs of our prayers to ask God to help us with changing our paths to damnation and to protect life and freedom.
I pray oh Lord Jesus Christ for our leaders; politicians, commercial, industrial, managerial, national, international, provincial, municipal; for all our leaders at every level and capacity; to abandon the corruption it has been instituted  against life and freedom and under which our nation is submerged and that they  open their eyes to the truth of the divine mandate they have from the only one they could ever have received any mandate, from Jesus our Lord’s only Son, who was born from Virgin Mary, gave us the truth of the gospel and Who suffered on the cross for our salvation; the mandate to serve and not be served, to see after protecting life and freedom, the dignity of the human being from conception to natural death, social justice and common good, from the individual to society.
Blessed Lord Jesus Christ
I pray oh Lord Jesus Christ for the world to abandon this culture of death and destruction to show us that culture of life, of faith, hope and charity; based on love, truth, humility and forgiveness, sole ingredients for true and genuine peace, your peace oh Lord. Make your peace reign over the face of the earth, over the five continents and the seven seas, in the depth of the ocean and the immensity of the universe. Make your peace through your word; reach every confine in the world as recondite as it could be, give us oh Lord your peace, have mercy on us, give us oh Lord your peace.
Blessed Lord Jesus Christ
I pray oh Lord that the ones lost in the darkness of other faiths, religions, creeds, beliefs, most specially those of death, murder, terror, intimidation and evil; all those who have made this world more dangerous and full of egotistical selfishness; to abandon their paths of evil and destruction ant to find Your word of truth, love, humility and forgiveness with faith hope and charity. Please have mercy of their souls.
Blessed Lord Jesus Christ
I pray that the collectivism of selfishness and individualism, destructive of human dignity, disappears from the minds of the people, that the collectivism, mortal and destructive, disappears of all nations over the face of the earth and of every continent, and that respect for human dignity, our individuality and identity before You our Lord, in truth, love, humility and forgiveness, becomes our path for justice and peace among people, with faith, hope and forgiveness.
We ask fervently with Mary Virgin Mother of God, for Christ our Lord

Cesar Fernandez-Stoll
307-88 Palace Pier Court
Etobicoke, Ontario
M8V 4C2

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