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Saturday, September 15, 2012

When God is offended, should we become violent?

Our God is all love and truth, who asks from us humility and forgiveness. Our God is the only living God. He has the word of eternal life.
Observing the process of the current protests in the Middle East and many other places in the world by the so called followers of Islam, presumably outraged because they do not like what is being presented in a film about their prophet; it is interesting to distinguish that factual truth, about what is missing in the whole staging of these protests and it is precisely, truth, love, humility and forgiveness and it is not precisely from the ignorant mobs perpetrating the assaults under the direction of their evil leaders, but from the ones supposedly protecting the basic and fundamental freedoms we all in the western civilization which is founded in Christianity, have for granted.

We are all weak and imperfect, and so we all one way or the other, sooner or later, are sinners offending God with our sins, going against His will. God is much more important than any prophet anywhere or of any origin. But offending God seems not to be a cause for alarm to anyone, maybe because God is omnipotent and infinitely good and forgives our sins with the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Repentance is on each and every one of us responsibility but before that we must acknowledge sin and want to get out of it.   
Many in this side of the world has become obsessed with the idea of dismissing sin as irrelevant, because, of course, their unnatural practises or life styles or because they want to see the destruction of human life as their way to avoid responsibility for their own deeds while dismissing the dignity of the human person to what a politician can give them in comfort in exchange of their votes.
Jesus resumed the Ten Commandments into two; to love God with all our hearts and intensity and to love our neighbor as ourselves.
Christians suffer persecution all over the world where many are murdered just because following the word of Jesus, only Son of God who died at the cross for our redemption from our sins. Persecution is motivated because Christ wants us to place Him before everyone and everything on this world and some leaders out there feel their power is threatened by the truth of the existence of God, because they happened to be outside of the truth, because they want to be like gods.  
Catholics know how much profanity and blasphemy goes around in many forms and shapes; by word of mouth, images desecrated and even the Holy Eucharist form mishandled and desecrated or by some famous movie producers presenting movies where the truth about the Church is misrepresented, twisted or changed, with blasphemy or in many other ways. Profanity and blasphemy go rampant in the world. The ones that want to make the truth relative by imposing their views while negating the absolute truth of God and His Holy Trinity and the Gospel.
And the ones today trying to show the “movie” as the problem, never before show any outrage before so much profanity or blasphemy, so, they are really cowards or traitors, and as such, they will follow their own selfishness. Their fear of Islam who they have nurtured to the point of allowing them to invade our own culture and faith, backfires now and it is threatening their own elitism, because perhaps Islam sooner or later will want to replace them as the leaders of their world.
And then we observe how atheists insist on removing God from everywhere because they feel offended by the sole mention of the word God, or Jesus, Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, the Holy Cross, Virgin Mary, the saints, the gospel, the tradition of the Church, the Ten Commandments, the Bible, etc.
The Catholic Church has a long history of triumph reflected by the many martyrs dying the worst and more dramatic deaths, with their blood and sacrifice they have made truth prevail, against emperors, kings, dictators and every kind of monster out there drunk of power.
Jesus taught us to react to these many offenses, by living the truth, of love, humility and forgiveness, with faith, hope and charity. Love is what the answer is and that is what the truth is and it is what is missing in this whole ‘happening’. The goal is not to have heaven on earth but each and every one of us to be saints by living the way Jesus lived and died, so that like Him we will resurrect into eternal life.  
The collectivist society is not too different from what we are witnessing these days, because their elites will not stop before anything in order to manipulate the masses to get their votes first and then to suffocate the truth with the selfishness they propose to succeed in their universe of illusions and fantasies. That is why the collectivist society pretends not to see the true cause of the outrage and the violence and murder and burning as pure ignorance motivated by evil, the evilness of elites, like them, pushing them to do what they do in the name of a god which is just a product of their own imagination, of their own frustration because their own masters keep them relegated to the role of mobsters acting on command at short notice.
Peace is not the absence of war but embracing and living the truth of faith, hope and love, with humility and forgiveness.
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