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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A world without God an improvable world

Without God human beings are nothing but irrational animals obeying only to instincts with no value or worth but that of a circle of natural evolution in a sequence of accidental happenings.
Everything in a world without becomes useless and inconsequent, lost in a purposeless cold universe. The whole universe becomes meaningless and unbalanced, without natural order or equilibrium, because God is who provides everything and whom gives the universe a purpose and human beings the dignity to be different and above the rest of creation and to love and to reason.
Without God, not a god, but the One and Only living God, love and truth become just words lost in the convenience of the moment that requires them for no other purpose than to satisfy selfish intentions.
Without God, the natural order becomes inexistent, and even instinct is illusionary because it would lack positioning or structure and so chaos would prevail.
Without God, we would live for our bodies and our bodies alone, with no other goal than to satisfy an endless thirst for pleasure in a loveless web of encounters propelled by lust and hedonism.
Without God, justice would be relative to each and every individual thereby only the strongest prevailing.
Without God, our children would be nothing but a planned commodity designed to satisfy our selfishness, disposable when inconvenient.
Without God, there is no distinction between human life and inhuman and therefore interspecies boundaries disappear lost in the relativity or whatever is with grasp of the desire of the moment.
Without God, anything becomes a god, a something more valuable than everything and anything for each and every individual and relative to each, making some lives more worth than others.
Without God, there is no beginning and there is not end…
We could go on and on with expressing the truth over and over again and still there will be those who will deny themselves of reality and they will predicate that ‘probably’ there is no God while they refuse to see probability in its own terms as creation is not an accident as it is their claim, without conceding that by doing so, they open the gates of hell allowing evil to run loose in the world.
Common good and social justice has always been the secret of happiness and salvation and the only way to reach these objectives has been through the truth. Even in the darkness of ignorance due to having lost that direct contact with the true God after going different ways as a consequence of the tower of Babel, human beings have been seek by God and in direct contact with Him trough the truth.
Jesus brought us all the culminating moment in history when the truth became flesh and was expressed as love, the act of giving without expecting to receive anything in return, for the salvation of all humans over the face of the earth.
The forces of evil conspiring against good since the time a group of angels rebelled against their creator are relentless in their goals of destruction and damning and the present times are no different from any other time in history. The selfishness of some people is opening the gates of hell to deny the truth, deny God and even evil.
Sin exists since our origins when Adam and Eve failed to follow the will of God and refused to acknowledge the gravity of their fault trying to reject responsibility on their actions. Sin are offenses to God because they go against truth and love. The Commandments of the Law given by God to all of us through Moses in Sinai, express that truth and love and seal the covenant we have with Him, our omnipotent creator.
In current times, while we debate about monarchy and republic and then again absolute power versus democracy; evil is still restless confusing the meaning of things separating us from the truth which needs to be expressed through love for our neighbors by pursuing common good and social justice from the individual up, making it instead from the system or government down to the individual forcing a separation from God while embracing sin as inexistent or worst letting the system to decide through political correctness what is right and what is wrong.
The reflection of this situation is translated into a despotic dictatorship of collectivism where by selling the idea that by relegating responsibility to society is possible to achieve happiness and justice as opposed to slavery and misery, however, the opposite is true and it so happens that the spirit becomes more and more dependent upon what is material and worthless before God in a sea of selfishness.
A world separated from God, regardless of being qualified as collectivist or capitalist is in essence selfish and in consequence, evil. If at one end collectivism directly fosters the destruction of the soul by demanding the surrendering of the individual to society as forceful contribution to it, at the other end, the exclusive dependency of material gain and/or capital, is as destructive as it too denies the individual happiness as it makes it conditional to material possession or gain.
When those that favor capitalism pretend to imply that the many accomplishments of the American experiment in the last couple of centuries belongs to a selfish ambition to possess more where they fail in their assessment is in the fact that doing good has been almost the unavoidable characteristic. When pursue of capital has been instead the tone, even though tremendous fortunes have been attained, very little has been accomplished of perseverance and worth.
History has taught us of the driving force of empires upon empires where while their process of colonizing and civilizing has been in a close relationship with God’s designs, the process of expansion and growth and prosperity of the people have been evident, however, as soon as selfishness had taken over altering the process towards exclusive personal gain and material possession these empires have crumble falling on the weight of their own greed, corruption and almost unavoidable, degradation.
The truth is that God is love, so it is this reflection through human behavior the clean and clear expression of that relationship with Him and a very necessary one for reaching happiness and eternal life.
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