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Friday, May 9, 2014

Sun News : Topless protesters attempt to disrupt pro-life rally, cry 'f--- your morals'

Sun News : Topless protesters attempt to disrupt pro-life rally, cry 'f--- your morals'

Poor idiotic selfish woman!

Is she 'commanding' God?

What arrogance! Over and over again, there is little doubt that this 'fight' against life is nothing but a fight for selfishness, for the 'me', the 'I am all that matters'. How sad is the condition of these lost people, enslaved of their own ego, of the damned one behind them, the coward that dares not to look straight at God because he has no chance, when God is in his way.

For the first time this year I had the opportunity to attend this great and very popular event. Sadly its popularity is forced by politicians hiding, as this woman does, behind their own interests, cowards in front of the truth, hiding from God.

The event, as before has been a success, remarkable and clear. It was refreshing to see twenty members of parliament daring to openly talk for life. Of course it makes you wonder where the other 288 might have been.

I saw people of different creeds, all of them very respectful and a most beautiful day.

God, no question about, is constantly looking after us.

Sadder it is to find the Liberal party of Canada as well as the NDP; blatantly rejecting life and voting for death. To be against life cannot possibly be interpreted as being for 'choice' but for death as the opposite to life is not choice but death. On the other hand choices we make every single instant, and of course, there are good choices and bad choices and none of us has any right to demand that our choices must be right all the time, especially when these choices imply the murdering of the innocent, just because 'I want to'. How selfish that is!
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