César Fernández-Stoll

César Fernández-Stoll
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Friday, April 4, 2014

His time had not yet come

Jesús se declara Hijo de Dios

Gospel text (Jn 7,1- Jesus went around Galilee; He would not go about in Judea because the Jews wanted to kill him. Now the Jewish feast of the Tents was at hand. But after his brothers had gone to the festival, He also went up, not publicly but in secret.

Some of the people of Jerusalem said, «Is this not the man they want to kill? And here He is speaking freely, and they don't say a word to him? Can it be that the rulers know that this is really the Christ? Yet we know where this man comes from; but when the Christ appears, no one will know where he comes from». So Jesus announced in a loud voice in the Temple court where He was teaching, «You say that you know me and know where I come from! I have not come of myself; I was sent by the One who is true, and you don't know him. I know him for I come from him and he sent me». They would have arrested him, but no one laid hands on him because his time had not yet come.
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