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Thursday, February 28, 2013

To Bill Whatcott... indeed; Christ is the answer

Dear Bill.

As hurt we all are by the decision against you by the courts in Canada, never mind which in particular.

I do not know if you are in the Catholic faith, but you are a believer in the truth of Christ and as such, you must pay attention to the readings the Catholic church offers us today; Jeremiah 17:5-10, Psalm 1 and Luke 16m 19-31. I have them all in my blog at http://www.CesarFS.blogspot.com

Find comfort on the truth and on the fact of you being on the side of God. It is never important to follow the decisions of the humans but that of God and for that, you are in the right truck. I am really nobody to tell you this, but if you get close to God, you can feel the assurance and the peace His truth brings.

We all thank you for your immense sacrifice and exposure before the forces of evil and pray that your efforts will not go unnoticed, especially among those who feel they just can stand on the side lines as long as it feels ‘safe’ to be there, while the rest of the people becomes victimized by the devil’s religion of murdering the innocent, dismissing human dignity and, among many other evils; mocking marriage by trying to pretend is just anything but what it really is: the union of one man and woman committed before God.

I heard on the radio about the decision of the high court in Canada, about how words actually included in the dictionary, have become a vehicle of manipulation and of servitude on behalf of those who do not see tolerance as they want us to see it. It seems some get offended because when they practise what they practise, they feel they are supposed to be qualified differently from what they are actually practising. Hence, what is so particularly different when comparing the word sodomite and gay?

Of course sodomite means someone who practises sodomy, and so we must look to find the meaning of that word sodomy, and the Webster dictionary says (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sodomy?show=0&t=1361998346).

And then when the word gay is found at the same Webster dictionary, it says (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/gay) and the description is rather long which means really vague:

What one is and what the other not necessarily is, is really a matter of judgement, and beyond that, expresses simply what it is in reality and what people would go out of its way in order to advance whatever their own agendas require. Still sodomite means one definite thing and gay means many different things.

I think our legislators here copied must learn to see through the intentions of those who want to kidnap or capture justice for the benefit of their own intentions and then look at the real purpose of their existence as legislators and perhaps they will realize that social peace and social justice, go hand on hand together as both require of the truth and the intention to serve the whole community by serving the truth not about anyone out there wanting to see through his/her own selfishness the absurd of what they are practising but the absolute truth and the natural order God has blessed us all with for the love of everyone by making the truth available to everyone.

Maybe Webster should be brought to court as it needs to readjust itself to this new world order in which words are as relative as truth now is and political correctness inspires and if red happens to look blue or vice versa, it will depend on which side of the political convenience it stands.

I will pray for you while ask everyone out there for support to the cause you have been so intensively fighting for which is supported by the truth.

Politicians are getting dangerously ‘comfortable’ as lawyers and others are these days; with them being qualified as crooks, just because they practise what they do and it is a perception in the people which is a consequence of so much unattended injustice. Should they start bringing everyone to court because their ‘honourable’, as politicians want to be called, professions feel threatened by the perception of the people?

Where is this coming from? I am one that does not buy such an assertion; that because someone is on politics, automatically becomes a crook, but I do believe in that some politicians are most definitively crooks and they should be brought to justice as opposed to be praised for being so.

Are all gays sodomites? I don’t think so either, and this would be the 4th interpretation according to Webster of the word gay, which it says means homosexual, but I do believe there are many gays who practise sodomy and perhaps most of them are the ones pushing for this culture of human  degradation that places the human being as less than any animal as animals at least have some control over their instincts while some want not only not have them control over their actions but to promote that as the ‘new natural order’. God through the bible has been very specific when depicting the practise of sodomy as abhorrent and abdominal and never talked about even attraction between people of the same gender, but He warned about how far anyone goes with letting that govern one’s existence.

The case of sodomy is not really a matter of perception because it is a matter of a practise of something that forces the qualification as such. Gay cannot be it unless the media insists on giving it that connotation, because gay means pretty and beautiful and we owe to current and future generations the truth of what God Himself finds abominable which is what according to the Webster dictionary is understood to be… well, that!

Can we tell anyone that look “gay”? Maybe it will be taken as offensive by someone who is so entrenched in that new religion of the state that recognizes the ‘new natural order’ and maybe not, but the former will not find the same brand of ‘justice’ the later will.

There is culture out there which actually tends to believe that if a person is not engage in sexual intercourse, man or woman, at certain age, he/she is most definitively gay. Is this how confused our society has become?

This is a world of confusion and it is because it works better for the forces of evil. If one is Catholic, one must restrain him/herself because others are not… really? Maybe that absurdity the Prime Minister recently announced as something for freedom of religion really means something like “WE WILL TELL YOU WHAT YOUR RELIGION MUST BE, DO NOT CALL US, WILL CALL YOU”

Canada the beautiful is disappearing because Canada the ugly is with us for a long time because the truth must be relative to what is political correct, love means just sex, without borders of course, humility, not there but we have selfishness and ego worshipping along with all those things the practising forces will deny too like narcissism, hedonism and so on.

If we do not have an absolute truth and we do not have but the religion of the state, why do we need to have all those judges and lawyers for? Let’s replace them with a well armed and trained praetorian guard and move on with the massacres, the circuses and so on, some “clinics” out there are already engaged on massacring the unborn in the name of the selfishness of the not-want-to-be-mothers and the businesses behind, ‘naturally’. .

Sorry Bill if I go a bit over the board but the injustice inflicted upon you is over each and every free person.

God bless you

Cesar Fernandez-Stoll

From: Bill Whatcott
Sent: February 28, 2013 7:58 AM
To: Bill Whatcott
Subject: Despite abominable Sup[reme Court ruling Truth telling will continue

Dear Friends,

Will try to respond more this weekend. Need a few days to pray and reflect. My initial thoughts are God has not promised an easy walk in this life. Perhaps my cross will have to become a little heavier. For certain though God is still in charge and the seven socialists sitting on the bench are wrong.

Bill Whatcott

Christ is the answer!
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