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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just a little question... (an open letter)

Dear Mr. Stephen Harper.
Prime Minister of Canada
Maybe you have the idea to understand what being busy means and busy can really be anyone and anybody; however, I am having terrible problems finding who in the world the ministers responsible for communications and justice are. Yes, I sense that you, politicians probably feel like if everything is out there in its place for people to just go to the proper ‘agency’, raise the concerns and that justice is automatically delivered.
Well, try again…
I have been trying to raise issues about the way oligopolies go rampant in our nation delivering pain and suffering to the little ones while having all for corporations, big government, the class of parasites this scheme generates and the predators that live of the blood of the innocent or even the ones not so innocent.

The ‘problem’ of the day is Rogers Communications, with which I had up until last month, and that would be December, the Internet, TV Cable and even a land line for the phone, and later, I did contracted also, the wireless phone.
But then I had to move, why or where? It is my business and mine alone and because Rogers from their own words is not capable of providing three of the services mentioned above; they asked me not to continue with their services, with the important fact that I do not need to ask them for permission to contract or not contract their services… or so I thought
But Rogers has grown much too big and much too comfortable with the confidence on having really the power to make or break people, and its left arm does not really know where the right arm is or does and so, while I went to change the wireless device to one of the outlets, they run a credit check and everything was okay and they gave me two phones and everybody was happy… Not so fast!
Someone passed to the collections department of Rogers the duty of harass me to death over and over again, with insults and offending my dignity and not allowing me any room for reply, just calling and calling forever.
I have complained to Rogers via Facebook, Twitter and then they said ‘management’ was concerned and so they wanted to talk to me. Would you believe they asked me what the phone number was?
Very hesitantly, I did give it to them and as late as yesterday, someone from Rogers’s management called me and we set up some arrangement to talk today, but they cut off my service before... Rogers miscommunications at its best.
Where is that you, the government fits in all of this?  You might ask...
The government is the one who is creating and feeding these monsters! Because you are giving them preference over the people needs which is protection for freedom and life, just that.
Be it by allowing them to very arbitrarily impose upon the customers, astronomical pricing schemes, with only two or three chains, not even competing with each other but sharing the markets and no, Bell is not really a competitor of Rogers or otherwise Rogers would not be giving CTV prevalence over SUNTV. By the way SUNTV is not even considered to be a Canadian production while CBS, NBS, ABC and other are. Could it be because of the content they carry? Right, you don’t think this belong to your area either…
Going back to the point of this note, I think Rogers communication in a way any mafia godfather would be made jealous, is intimidating me, punishing me because I left them… How dare I do such a thing?  And it is even if they just do not have services to offer… I guess in their mind, I should really choose more carefully where I decide to move or consult them or do nothing.
Of course, there has been many issues of service along the line while I was ‘enjoying’ the services from Rogers but hey, management has instructed them to make of each and every customer a guilty party before sending anyone to fix their problems… and, well, power is power and they have many big lawyers out there to care on how to clean their image… or else…
And the point still is that while the whole parliament to whom I am trying to convey my message here, probably will send me back to the CRTC, which of course ‘regulates’ these monsters so that the people cannot touch them, not to be fair but to them, I have to see now how to move my fight where I can be heard.
Am I being realistic?
Considering the other fights I am involved with, much larger and important that this one, and I am talking about the protection of life and freedom, the elimination of so many taxes and the trespasses that every day are allowed to happen on people much smaller than me and how little is being done about it, which is nothing, because the trend continues towards a more degraded society, godless and faithless; I cannot hold my breath, but nevertheless continue fighting as at the end, the truth if God will prevail and something new will give us hope.
I really hope that someone out there find light in their lives and starts acquiring the courage to stand firm and change things around. It is not about me, but about the people, big or small out there badly needing of freedom, not to do as they please, making the wrong choices; but to go back to God and feel His love, truth with humble hearts and forgiveness, with faith, hope and charity.
If you made it up to here, thanks very much for your attention… heck! Thanks anyways!
Cesar Fernandez-Stoll
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