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Sunday, December 2, 2012

What is love?

In our world of the XXI century, love is perhaps one of the most misrepresented words in the dictionary. But love is a simple action which should not require of much interpretation or depiction. Love is the act of giving, giving and only giving, not ever expecting to receive anything, nothing, in exchange or retribution. Love is not an act of negotiation, but an act of giving, so that our life is fulfilled.
Opposite to love is then  selfishness as another action, which is that of just receiving, or expecting to receive each and every time, deserving it or not, just receiving and only for the self in a condition that increasingly is trapped into that illusion that says that only the ego needs to be worshipped and cared for.

In the question of good and evil, love or selflessness is good and selfishness is evil
God commanded us to love Him first, with all the intensity of our hearts and then to love our neighbour as ourselves. God is pure love and He is truth, because without truth is not possible to love, because love can only be expressed in truth.
The forces of evil will dedicate every effort then to destroy love and the truth it lives under. There is no wonder while it is observed how the truth becomes relative to the self and love becomes so much of a prostituted term that means anything but giving and even worst, when evil is dismissed as nonexistent as a product of some looser imagination.
In the world; only our humanity from our individuality, can win over evil by acting fast and decisively, expressing love for God and our peers, from each and everyone as an individual to a society that can only be as long as it is the individual who makes it exist.Let's do not forget that God always wins. The question is if we want to be with Him in the winning side.
Evil too has its own version for society, and it is not one born from the individual, but from elites sold to the forces of evil, pushing everyone from the top to be nothing but ants in a social structure that does not recognize God or the dignity of humanity, of being creation of God, but just a mere consequence of an infinite chain of accidental happenings.
We must get back to being the creatures God made to His image and likeness, to be individuals with identity, before Him for Him.
Love is the answer with faith, hope and charity
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