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César Fernández-Stoll
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Today is a great day!

Praise the Lord our God! Today Lord Jesus has spoken to me and has told me, not to worry, that He, is in control and that anything I ask, will not be necessarily what I will receive, but what He has planned for me.
Today is a great day! Jesus has responded to my plea and has showed me His greatness, because what I have asked He has conceded me with His presence and breathe, the best he has for me.
I asked God for work, and He answered, that the job He has for me, is His word in the gospel, and to spread it on the first opportunity I had.
I asked God for health, and He answered, that health is in the love I can project onto others and not to stop loving on every occasion I could.
I asked God for fortune, and He answered, that fortune is in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and that I should use them to praise His holy name anywhere I was.
I asked God for peace, and He answered, that peace is in the truth of His creation and that whichever the circumstance would be, to remain faithful to it, because it is of His own essence and to never betray it.
I asked God for happiness, and He answered that happiness can only be found on humility and however little I had, came from Him and to enjoy it at every instance.
I asked God for food, and He answered that the best food was in His blessed word of truth, love, humility and forgiveness with faith, hope and charity and to savour it.

I sinned and felt how Jesus removed His sight from me and I wanted to excuse myself before Him, and propose my own ways and He responded with His silence, that silence that when coming from a friend, it burns and tears one apart because loses him and moves him far away.
Jesus is my best friend, perhaps the only friend on which I always will trust and how much it hurt to lose His attention and not receive His blessings. His cross disappeared of my sight and the virgin cried at my presence.
I felt lonely, and the way to reconciliation appeared before me, suddenly and untimely, and I saw Jesus telling me, go and confess your faults and obtain reconciliation through penitence and contrition, before a priest, as he will be representing me for your absolution and receive my body in the Eucharist to be again completely with you.    
I went into confession and found again His word and His divine presence and His holy cross, humbly was offered to me and I once again can experiment His mercy. Virgin Mary, smiled to me and I could experiment her motherly love, good and merciful. I felt that I have recovered my best friend.
Today, I will receive the Holy Communion and I will have again the presence of my best friend.
This is my testimony of today, a great day, lots of joy, because Christ has responded to my pleading and He has responded.
Thanks you my God for everything you give me, without me deserving anything.
Blessed and praised be forever Lord Jesus!

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