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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I ask you God for the victims of abortion and euthanasia

I ask you God for the victims of abortion and euthanasia
Help us oh Lord to see in them your blessed image
Help us oh Lord to find in them our lost dignity
Have mercy on us
God forgive us for we do not know what we are doing
Help us to see the light of love and truth, humility and forgiveness, with faith, hope and charity
Blessed Lord Jesus Christ
Our world is gone down the path of sedition and has fallen into the depths of perdition, lost in the darkness of sin, of denying God, ignoring Him and His will.
We must get back to prayer, to worship Him and to bless Him and to thank Him for the wonderful gifts He gives us, of life, from His divine breath and of freedom by virtue of the gifts from the Holy Spirit.
We must acknowledge the wonders of creation and stick to His commandments, loving Him over and above everything and anything, with all the intensity of our hearts and then love our neighbour as ourselves.

We must recognize human dignity from conception to natural death, from the very first instant we are because we've been given the gift to be to live and have a life, saint and plentiful of love.
We must acknowledge the intimate relationship we have with God our creator and therefore recognize our individuality and identity.
We must recognize our special condition of being created by God to His image and likeness and therefore understand the dignity we have, how important is our mission.
Humanity need of God for salvation, to reach the reason of our existence which is to be saints, and to reach eternal life.
We must recognize evil for what it is and which has its most evident depiction in selfishness, in that blindness that pushes some to ignore everything else in order to focus only on the self, including their own existence or nature.
We must recognize and reject sin as the corruption that impedes us from fulfilling our mission to be saints. Sin is always offending God and never can be looked lightly.
God loves us so much that He send His only Son to teach us how to reach salvation and to die for us  so that we understand the type of compromise we have and the path we must follow to keep it.
Jesus asked us to deny ourselves, because we must acknowledge what we are while worship He Who is in control, Who is Who He Is and Who is all truth and all love, the only living God, One of the living not of the death.
To reach eternal life then, we must be like God wants us to be, all truth and all love, humble and servile to our neighbour.
Killing our babies is the most despicable form of selfishness because it removes the natural order from women, bringing them to a subhuman, less than animal condition, as makes them to wish the death of the human being in their wombs, the baby God has put in their custody and protection.
There is not such a thing as pro-choice or a right to choose, because everyone chooses, wanted or not, we always choose, at every single instance of each and every day, throughout our whole life, we all chose, hence choosing is not a right, but something we simply do, all of us, no exceptions.
It is then where our choices bring us, what determines if these are good or bad and, to choose the death of an infant, denying him/her a future, a life, to be saint and to worship God, cannot, under any stress of imagination be a good deed, something good.
There is something called pro-death, and that is what defines those opting by free choice to destroy the lives of the children they have conceived, whatever the reason this might be.
Rape cannot be an excuse for abortion, because a baby can never be the reason for such a criminal act. The baby is not guilty of rape, never, ever.
We must get back to the law of God to grow and multiply, because only in that way, we can assure ourselves to have a future and to be able to grow and sustain growth so that more saints can be given to our creator while love can be prevalent over the face of the earth.
The devil does exist and is there, pressing and pushing onto the victims of selfishness, providing them with all sorts of excuses and irrational 'reasons' to abort, to kill, to destroy life, and he wants these lost souls to be enrolled into believing that neither he nor God, are real.
But God is real and so is the devil, behind all evil in the world. We must not be fooled, and the only way is to get back to God, pray and worship Him, get back to His only church, the mystic body of Christ, love Blessed Virgin Mary and live the sacraments, particularly reconciliation and over and above everything the Eucharist, as Jesus is the only food we must all have in order to live through these moments in history and to reach our true destiny, to be saints.
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