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César Fernández-Stoll
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I ask you God for all the women

I ask you God for all the women, for all the women I ask; most particularly for those lost in prostitution, pornography, nudity, abort, vanity, lesbianism, feminism, capitalism, collectivism and materialism
Help them oh Lord to abandon that life of evil and perdition and to emerge in their nature of mothers, women, lovers; to recover their natural sweetness and their internal beauty
Help them oh Lord to become women once again
Help us oh Lord to see in them your blessed image,
Help us oh Lord to find in them our lost dignity
Help women oh Lord to open their eyes to love and truth, humility and forgiveness, with faith, hope and charity and fill them with your blessings
Blessed Lord Jesus Christ
In our current world, many women seem to have loss the compass of who they are and what their mission is. In their apparent obsession against men, many seem to have fallen deep into forgetting who they are in creation and the most special and blessed role they have as mothers, loving creatures whom God made to carry in their wombs life for the future of humanity.
As with many other sinful ways, women have been since immemorial times used and abused as toys of the powerful while being some of them the subject of imposing sin over virtue, to the most powerful.
But women are a blessing because of their true role of being mothers and caring of being the ones that always are after us, their children.
Sin corrupts everything and nature is no exception and today more than ever, or as ever, we need to ask God for forgiveness and to bring those women back, those lost in the selfishness of believing they have prevalence over God's will on the 'choice' to let their children live or die.
Today is Christmas and since yesterday we are celebrating the one happening that brought our savior to us to redeem us from sin and to show us the way of truth, love, humility and forgiveness,
Virgin Mary, blessed Mother of God, help all women to find again their ways to bring back life, love and care to the world.
Help us oh God to see all women find their ways
We ask you with virgin Mary for Jesus our Lord
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