César Fernández-Stoll

César Fernández-Stoll
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

I ask you God for all the sodomites and the adulterers

I ask you God for all the sodomites and the adulterers, for all those who conspire against the integrity of the family and union in matrimony
Help them oh Lord to abandon that life of confusion, that life of evil and that life perdition, and to find love and truth, humility and forgiveness, with faith, hope and charity
Blessed Lord Jesus Christ

In our times, gender confusion seems to be gaining more and more ground
Many see no connection between the assault holy institutions of family and marriage, as the only possible way it can be, as the union of one man and one woman, as it is marriage the pillar from where the family arises and what works for growth and prosperity.
Many too, see no connection between this confusion and the other confusion, the one that represents adultery as just a thing that happens or something that, well, happens everywhere and therefore must be right.
Many lives too in the confusion that because marriage is nothing but a contract between two consenting adults, it can also be broken at will, because after all, it is a decision of adults to do so. From that confusion, many other derive because if so, then marriage becomes trivial and nothing but an impulse or an instinct and not a blessing from God.
So much confusion brings even more confusion which of course culminates onto believing that sin is not but a way of expressing love or anything but a terrible offence against God.
Sex is not an end in life but the beginning of life and must not be confused with mere attraction or instinctive desire. Sex is only one component of matrimony, in love for God and only God to bless it as the expression of love it is between one man and one woman married before Him by the holy sacrament it is. 
Help us oh Lord in our efforts to remove these confusions and to respect the natural order You created. 
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