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Friday, December 28, 2012

Holy Innocent Martyrs

A day of infamy, a day to remember, a day in history that… keeps repeating…
Today we celebrate the feast Holy Innocent, the children martyred by fraudulent king Herod just to be sure; he could rid himself of facing the genuine King announced on the scriptures to be born in Bethlehem.
To complete his massacre or rather to assure the effectiveness of his massacre, he dictated to murder every boy two years old and under… and so say the gospel of Saint Mathew today.
Today we see repeated, by fraudulent leaders; crudely and persistently the same decree, which love nothing but the power in their hands and who are ready to compromise on the killing of their own people as long as they find that ‘peace’ only valid to them, while they can avoid closely looking at the reality of the tragedy they keep allowing.
When does human life begin?
When is person a person?
When dignity begins for everyone?
Everyone is the word used in the Canadian Charter of Rights, to describe any person rights and yet, our legislators, our government, our leaders; avoid the most fundamental question to come from that; when is a person part of that everyone?
Rights unfortunately are the only focus of the Charter while not necessarily responsibilities.  
It is avoided to accept that life actually starts at conception, or more clearly put, when the egg in the woman-to-be-mother is fertilized by the sperm of the man-to-be-father, thereby giving course to life. And life then continues until natural death. Of course the ‘how’ of the act is what media and politicians try to trivialize because sex is way for them to keep the people sedated while giving them their votes.
The people are being told the system is good because of the goodies it delivers while ignoring the most important gift of all which is life. Of course politicians or the media are not and never will be able to give life or freedom, for that matter, because only God can give both; but they pretend to be God by opting for denying either by decree or by omission to legislate.
Our society has chosen to ignore the most clear and simple answers on the question about life and existence, towards letting selfishness take charge allowing nonsense to multiple in an infinite morass of absurdity. Let’s hope God is merciful with us for our own licentiousness and allow us to to rebuild from the ashes of our destruction.  
Women are taken into the area of making themselves the centre of the question, completely ignoring the actual victim in the crime of murdering the most innocent human being, and so they are made believe they are fighting for some right which allows them to dictate by choosing, as if choosing was something was not anyone had to do at every single instance our existence; the termination or continuation of pregnancy, or more clearly put, abortion or birth, killing the life inside them or letting the baby live. They are presenting the ‘excuse’ that provides a better ‘sense of credibility’ which is that of the case of when a woman becomes pregnant as a consequence of rape, avoiding the complete scenario, while the innocent baby is condemned while the victim is ‘given satisfaction’ by destroying him/her, and yet the perpetrator is fully protected by the law to be treated with fairness and ‘understanding’
If life does not start at conception, when then it starts? The silence of the leaders is deafening because the cowards are choosing the presumptuous votes of the do-not-want-to-be-mothers, which the media insists it to be the majority. Is the majority aware of the truth about abortion?
Majorities and minorities is what the media manipulates and politicians blindly follow, under that prostituted concept called ‘democracy’ and so, they feel that ‘democracy’ in their terms, is or would be, more powerful than God Himself, or put in another way, for them; the will of the people will always trump the will of God.
Democracy however is not such a thing, instead it is the power of the individual given by God to freely decide, choose on our own, loving Him first with all the intensity of our hearts and our neighbour as ourselves, to make our own mistakes and find our own answers.
Clearly under such a scheme, democracy can only be when the government apparatus becomes reduced to what the people really and only need and not what media or politicians want to impose protecting their own interests and those of their protégées and friends.
Our technologically and socially, ‘advanced’ society of the XXI century, sadly denounces our own imperfection and shows us that we are not really that much advanced if we still are stuck with millennium dilemmas that keep denying the greatness of God and His creation in favour of what our own selfishness orders to do by instinct or impulse while rejecting the responsibility for our acts of free will, not expecting or refusing to face the consequences from them.   
Truth is absolute while freedom is relative to God’s will; to that ‘fear of God’ gift the Holy Spirit gives each and every one of us, along with the other six gifts. Freedom without responsibility is not freedom but slavery to the lie of being while ignoring God and His Commandments which are love and obedience, growth and multiplication. When we reject the truth, we become slave to whatever lie we pretend to be real, to the fantasies or illusions that define our lives.
There is nothing any system of government can offer when protection of life and freedom are not the foundation of their service to the people, under God, our creator and omnipotent and almighty, in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
At the crossroads is the individual person who ultimately need and must choose, for Christ, the rightful and true King of the Universe, or for fraudulent kings interested only in the preservation of their own power over the people. We all know that by choosing the later, God is not going to go away as our own death will not, and so, it is our own salvation, our eternal life which is at stake for the consequence of that choice.
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