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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I choose the Cross

When I have reached a point in my life that resembles more limbo more than heaven or hell, after for so long, I have insisted, day after day before my beloved Jesus Christ, to be humble among the humble and last among the last, it seems that after all, I can say that Jesus is listening and He has responded to my prayers, it is not limbo where I am, but on planet earth, facing the world, from a very privileged position, because I am humbled among humble and last among the last.
I feel not needing but the love of Christ and His infinite mercy.
Please Lord, have mercy on us and let us be on your plan, what you want, whenever you want, while you want how you want it.
The world asked me to join it and so I have chosen not to be follow them but only your Word, of peace, truth, love, humility and forgiveness; I have chosen the Cross
Lord have mercy on us and please let us see the rest of your plan, open my eyes Jesus and let me live for You and Die for You, only your Will
Thanks Jesus for being always with me, with faith, hope and charity
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