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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Canada Today

Dear Mr. Harper
Today is a day that calls for deep reflection and analysis. Of course, today our neighbors in the south celebrate their version of Thanksgiving and they will gather with their families to celebrate while they… give thanks to God for that, their families and loved ones.
But this is not the United States of America and they have their issues and we have ours…
While humanity has common issues that call for immediate attention and our leaders continue to be distracted putting one hundred per cent of their attention to matters that to say the least should be last in their list of priorities, not to mention that none of them, including every single one of you, our leaders here in Canada, has been elected to pay any attention to.

I am not too sure anymore if you claim to be even a Catholic or a Christian or if in fact you maintain any creed, any religion, and any faith, as guidance to your ‘principles’. The Catholic faith today presents us the gospel of St. Luke (19, 41-44), where Jesus laments the fate of Jerusalem… well, I strongly suggest you to read it and to reflect on the matter, because it is so interesting that the same fate is what we’ve seen going through every nation in history while ignoring the truth, particularly about love, humility and forgiveness. Nations always have disappeared from within…
But Canada today, we’ve been told, is doing ‘fantastic!’, it is the example to follow, financial gurus say so and great economists could not agree more… is this really the truth?
You and I know that there is ways and ways to present a view that can be good or bad, according to the intentions of the presenter, after all politics is indeed the science of perception, which of course is how science has come to be such a prostituted matter.
This coming Sunday is the end of the liturgy year and the celebration will be the triumph of Christ our King and we all know His kingdom is not of this world and we also know He came to save us despite what the world is and will be until the end of time. Hence it is not a matter of presenting the world as how good or bad it is but to make every effort on our side, each within his/her own abilities to follow Him Who is the truth of love, humility and forgiveness, with faith, hope and charity for the salvation of mankind.
Under that premise, governments’ abilities are restricted to the high duties of protecting life and freedom, and nothing else. Anything at all any government tries or attempts as part of a perceivable higher intention of giving to the people something else, sadly becomes an effort that is good for some people in detriment of the rest of the people while imposing more suffering than the peace the people needs to reflect on their own duty of reaching the kingdom of God.
Think on anything you have in your sight as a good intention for the people, anything that deviates from either of those two premises, the protection of life and/or freedom, and you will find falling yourself short, failing, because, not being god, your abilities as the abilities of all of those engaged directly into politics, which should be 100% of the adults in every nation; are subjected to our human condition which can be weak, can be short, can be sinful.
The problem can become even more dramatic if the consideration is placed on who can really ends up taking advantage of such adventurous intention. It starts from elites who do not really have any involvement in the economic process and hence they see only their egotistical ambition taking over any potential good to be given to the people. Then it is the people itself as demonstrated all over the bible and history, which falls for the best option for themselves, not for the community, because under such a social scheme, they tend to become selfish and individualistic, wanting more for them even if other suffer in the process.
We see how our nation evades every aspect of reconciliation with the truth about those two premises. On one end it is the killing of the most innocent among us, yes, that abortion issue you, so adamantly refuse to even touch with a ten foot pole. Recently the initiative was to establish or pursuing to establish the truth about the start of human life. Only because there is confusion out there or at least it appears to be, because many ‘think’ life starts when you politicians say so or when women say so, or when crooks dressed in white say so. But the issue, in the name of peace, I guess, was avoided and ignored and over two thirds of the representatives voted to dismiss it, void it, and shelve it. So you politicians refuse to learn when life starts or even when human dignity starts.
So Canada is not really doing anything to protect life, even if you and other ‘representatives’ of the people argue, tear their clothes apart or swear the nation is doing enough or even anything at all; not the answer is not, because when the most innocent lives become relative to what some feel they want or need, the whole idea become relative to whatever is or will be and never an absolute truth as only the truth can be. You can kill babies or shoot people in the streets, no difference, except of course, that one is politically convenient and the other, well, the people would notice.
Of course the current situation has its roots deep in a process that was conceived (when begin) from the ‘ideal’ of benefiting through the government, the ones needing it most, reserving of course the government, or more clearly the politicians, the ‘right’ to decide who deserves and who does not and so, the government starts by segregating the people they represent, first by their earnings and then because some of them giving them more, the politicians; so the change is towards, not by their earnings but by their usefulness to the system, a system deemed not to fail because the truth, becomes more and more dangerous to see, as the evidence of failure becomes disastrous.
Hence, for close to a hundred years now, a system of taxation has been imposed, meant to be temporary, which as everything politicians ‘insert’ in the system; small, but deathly because in that way it can persevere and be preserved. This system is Income Tax and if at the beginning it appeared to be so harmless, it has grown into being a monstrosity which relentlessly takes and takes from the people, to satisfy a never satisfying machinery called the government apparatus and which is muddy and as an avalanche, keeps going over everything alive or potentially prosperous, destroying it and paralyzing it.
The Income Tax system is an spiral that grows and keeps sucking everything and, anything that is in its way, becomes a threat to its survival and so, this is taken off the way by whatever excuse there is and so if God created us equal before Him and commanded us to grow and multiply from marriage of one man and one woman having many children, so that the future can be sustained; the whole apparatus is against family, marriage and children, the system needs to kill them all. The system imposes death so that its fallacious and idealistic existence can survive.
There are families that subsist but in those families both spouses have become ‘providers’, one to the home and one to the system and of course every child becomes costly and a threat and so children need to be looked as a something disposable, be it by keeping the abortion card handy and if not, then by making sure academia takes care of putting enough confusion in their minds by trying any potential deviation making them onto believing they are worth not more than what their sexual potential is, the earlier the better.
We all have been created by God to His image and likeness, we are all individuals and we all have a unique identity before Him, we are His children, we are free only accountable to Him; not by virtue of the government or any politician, but of God, our creator, omnipotent and almighty, the only living God. 
We are being taught with persistence that taxes and death are inevitable and death certainly is inevitable because the original sin made us mortal. Taxes however, are a contribution and everyone is obligated to contribute to the community, to his/her nation, so that the nation can give the services it can provide for the common good and for social justice. This means though that it is from the individual that these services derive, not from the ever growing apparatus the government is. The government is made by the people to serve the people; politicians are servants to the people. We are social individuals because we love.
Nevertheless, we are taxed not to contribute to our community but to make the apparatus work its evil starting from the weakest and the most vulnerable. Of course, the perception is that Canada has many ‘good’ services out there for the people and that the people of Canada are so willing to give and love and that is all true. The question is… Is it the government helping at all or perhaps the government is becoming the reason why more and more social assistance is required?
Every day more and more businesses arise where ‘help’ is offered to the people, to the ones that cannot cash a cheque and need immediate cash, to the ones who were supposed to be educated at the schools but the school did not educated them, the list grows and grows. The goodness and generosity of the people of Canada is seen all over, but then again, where are our politicians? …That’s right, they cannot move or otherwise the picture will not be clear and they need to clearly show they are doing something even if that something is really nothing but to care for their own egos and selfishness while interfering on the prosperity of the nation. 
The system is not working, because this system is not conceived for the people, but for elites of intellectuals who never can have a place on reality because they refuse to be part of that mass they predicate to be protecting and nurturing… to their advantage of course.
 Yes there are many people doing really well in Canada, but it is not to make people do really well that the government is to work, but to let the people free and their lives protected by the law, not politicians, the law, so that the people can grow and multiply as God wants us to, and so that the people can risk and win or fail and learn, the people, not the system impeding the people to be.
Mr. Harper, my personal situation might force me to stop for a while and so the lengthy note I am trying to convey here. The truth needs to be presented because it is absolute, because God is the truth and He cannot be denied.
Canada needs to change course to become again a nation under God, where the law protects life and freedom, where the people finds in faith the right course and not in fear, where the people finds hope in the resurrection and not despair because is left alone or lonely, where the people loves as individuals by giving without expecting retribution and not by growing selfish only expecting to see what is best for themselves completely ignoring God and their neighbors. 

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