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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Aftermath - Many times our ways are not the ways God intended, even if our ways carry the best intentions and are good ways.

Aftermath - Many times our ways are not the ways God intended, even if our ways carry the best intentions and are good ways.
God has domain over the whole universe and so there is no minuscule creature on earth that can upset His will, without paying a very high price of solitude and despair, of true defeat and alienation for defying His will. That is why incredibly powerful empires and kingdoms have succumbed after choosing the wrong paths and finding themselves at that disgraceful point of no return.
God, our creator, is the truth and love is His way, and we must follow Him with humility and forgiveness. Thus, anyone that is looking only after their own convenience or after satisfying their own ambitions and selfishness, always end up destroying themselves, even if on appearance, they seem to have gotten everything. Unfortunately for them, life on earth is finite and short and the true judgement for eternal life is before only our One and only living God, the only justice, the almighty and omnipotent loving God.

Jesus the only Son of God is the word who brought us our salvation and He is the path, the only way and he requires from us to be individuals with identity, and to be fruitful by loving our neighbor as we love ourselves, after loving God with all our hearts and intensity. Prosperity is growing and multiplying, not our material gains, but in our human dimension, in our dignity, as creatures of God.
Loving is giving never expecting to receive anything in return or as retribution, love is not a negotiation. Those who give, expecting to gain something; are condemning themselves as their intention is only to provide themselves, despite the suffering of their friends and neighbors. Loving is not to force others to love but to show love so that others can find the truth. The history and triumph of the Church is in that path of martyrdom and sacrifice, and when some have failed to deliver, the damage has been much more impacting, as the enemy, the damned one, the angel of evil, will always be there ready to profit from the misguided that fall under their own selfishness. One of the devil’s main weapons is confusion, because it is confusion what grows in the souls of those who try to see profit and nothing profit from any actions or paths they take.  
There is always light before us, to follow, if we can only put aside our ambitions and selfishness and focus on the blessing we have received from our Creator, of being created to His image and likeness, on our dignity as human beings, on the precious gifts we have from Him, of life and freedom. To fight for them can involve sacrifice and even death of the body, but to win is to preserve the purity of the soul.
Peace will never be avoiding conflict or controversy but engaging the truth, of love, with humility and forgiveness, with faith, hope and forgiveness.
Looking forwards will always be promising when God is with us, when Jesus is there to guide our steps and find our way, through so much unfairness and injustice, specially against the less fortunate and the most innocent between us, who are massacred in the name of selfishness, from politicians and from people who have conceded to their ambitions and greed, letting the innocent to be murdered so that they can maybe, perhaps, enjoy some potential new life in the darkness of evil.
God bless our ways and provide us with the strength to continue the fight, for truth, peace and prosperity, from the individual to society, for life and freedom, gifts only coming from God not governments, systems or anything invented by humans, with dignity as He has created us all.
Faith not fear, hope, not despair, charity, not selfishness.  

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