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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Ontario Mnister of Education attacks the Catholic Church, War Declared on Ontario Education Minister

Dear Lauren C. Broten, Ontario Minister of Education and Minister Responsible for Women Issues

Forgive me please if I resist and avoid inserting that word ‘honourable’ before your name, as it goes so undeserved in the Canadian political arena.

You are not just the Minister of Education and as your title says, responsible for women issues, but you are also the representative of the district I live in, so,  you working for me, I feel double inclined to bring this matter to your attention and to demand an explanation and your resignation to all three jobs.

Feeling you were just doing your job, you said:

Bill 13 is about tackling misogyny…taking away a woman’s right to choose could arguably be one of the most misogynistic ac­tions that one could take.
And then you went on to say that
“we [the Liberal government] do not allow and we’re very clear with the passage of Bill 13 that Catholic teachings cannot be taught in our schools that violates human rights and which brings a lack of accep­tance to participation in schools.

Hence, you are directly and without any chance for confusion or misunderstanding, going directly on attacking the Catholic faith. I would like to know when is that I, or any other member of this district, authorized you to represent me or anyone in this district to herald the sentiments of our faith, so negatively and destructively.

Surely there are many out there that like you, are confused, and confused you want to keep them, because in that way they keep calling you honourable and you can continue to advance the evilness of the mandate nobody gave you but you decided to select for the most important tasks you been trusted by the government of Ontario.

Even if the Premier, Dalton McGuinty abuses his condition of Catholic for his evil purposes, there is no question that the government of Ontario is not just against the Catholic church, but also against God and against natural order, but none of those are your mandates. Education is a duty of parents and only parents and your office is to respond to their wishes, because you are their servant, you are there to serve, not to be served by taking advantage of your position of power, to lie to the children and involve them in the same confusion you have about life or natural order. I must say the same about your representation for women issues and of course your representation of the constituents in your district. You have completely failed to your obligations as a Minister and as a representative and so your only ‘honourable’ duty is to resign, the sooner the better. You do not understand your job and you are producing more damage by staying.

Now about your quarrel with the Catholic Church which I suspect has to do with the fact read and heard all over the world now about abortion being some ‘woman health matter’ or that it is some obscure ‘right’ women have to decide what to do about their bodies and of course who can put aside to your quest to fight bullying by imposing the culture of death and the confusion of genders upon so many innocent minds, concerned with the truth problem of bullying. Who can blame you for not letting a good crisis to go unexploited?!

Do you have any special revelation you are not sharing with us on when exactly a human being starts being human?

I guess to those who reject God, the answer is always to follow their leaders and so you jump forward and try to take advantage of that nonsense and well, everyone is now supposed to ‘know’ not only that abortion is a ‘human right’ and because Catholic Church openly expresses the inconvenient truth, you hate her and who follow the leader, should hate her too.

The problem with the truth is that many times it goes diametrically opposed to what us humans could see as convenient or not, and that is why we need to rely on serving others, on humbling ourselves, on forgiving, in order to find the truth. Of course, no matter how hard we try to find the truth, the truth always finds us first and if we do not follow the word of Jesus and His church, we usually find ourselves in places we really do not want to end. What this means is that as much as you reject the teaching of the church, your teaching contain no reason but just hate and selfishness, which is precisely opposite to those teaching that come from the word of God.

One of the most important lessons you my take from the teachings of Jesus is that leaders, to be good ones, need to serve the people before they even think on serving themselves and so, a good leader needs to humble, to diminish him/herself to be the last among the people. How is that this helps? Because there is no other way to understand the suffering the people goes through if the leader is just restricted to the high spheres looking for what is convenient to the self as opposed to serving God.

Serving the people, you serve God because is Him who is trying to call you to order to use the position you have to save the children from confusion and to let the parents, the only ones He has given the mandate to raise them to be good contributors to society.

Killing babies cannot possibly be a mandate to any leader. The Pharaoh and Herod learned enough of the futility of such absurd while only passing into history as the despotic tyrants they were and how inconsequent their kingdoms became.

Life starts at conception and through natural death and you will find that never mind how hard you try to imagine otherwise this truth prevails, because there cannot be any other one. Abortion and euthanasia are about killing babies and elders and the weak or disadvantaged, in the name of selfishness, even in the case of rape, incest or whatever the excuse might be, and the victim will always be the innocent life that goes interrupted.

What women need is love and caring, never to be told that the way to deal with their problem, most of the times product of their own conduct or misconduct, is to kill or destroy any trace left behind.

The soul of every woman and every pseudo doctor participating in this crime, will remain forever stain and it will take lots and lots of praying and repentance to reach reconciliation with God, not to mention the scars that will remain in their minds and bodies. There are millions of stories of women that have come back to God after literally having to go through ‘hell’ because of what they did or allowed to be done to them. Selfishness is the true representation of evil.

The way to correct an error is not to kill the evidence but to reflect and correct course.

I hope you reflect on what you have done and after you resign, you never stop trying to get in good terms with God and His church, you need it!

Cesar Fernandez-Stoll

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