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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

THE FAILURE-IN-CHIEF by Joseph A. Gamero

The whole world, except the hard core Marxists and perhaps some well-intentioned blacks blinded by their own racism, knows that Barry Soetoro is the biggest hoax ever pulled on the American people. 
I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt by saying that he might have been a good “Community Organizer,” by the Saul Alinsky standards; I say that, because I have seen him creating dissension; inciting blacks against whites, poor against rich, women against men etc. He’s definitely good at stirring the crap. 

Well, the results are clear. America is more divided tan ever before in our lifetime, owes more money that it can repay in several generations and the amount of hatred this administration has generated on people who, otherwise were getting along decently, has no parallel in the country’s history. This poor facsimile of a human been, doesn’t deserve to be re-elected anymore than he deserved to be elected in 2008. The truth is that we don’t know if he was really elected due to the disgusting un-American cheating, threatening and conniving, that went on during that election. In 2008 America acted like a third world country; will it do it again? 
Meanwhile, I don’t understand what the Republican-controlled House of Representatives is doing, or why they seem to be accomplices of this horrible episode in America’s history. Paraphrasing “Deep Throat” I’m tempted to say, “follow the money.” As a word of caution, I’d like to remind Americans of how long it took to get Communism out of Russia (if it is out of Russia), once it got hold of that country. How would you like to suffer what the Russians had to put-up with until the fall of their empire? 
Folks, the American Dream has been killed by Obama; it will take a great team and a great deal of patience, cooperation and sacrifices to revive the U.S.A. of yesteryear. I’ll be honest as usual; I don’t know if Governor Romney is the man who can do it, but I do know one thing for sure: the alternative, that is Barack Hussein Obama, is the cause of the problem, not the solution. 
To say that I’m puzzled by the daily polls showing Obama that high would be an understatement. I know that Barry has, on purpose, created a pull of “dependents” wishing they would vote for him. I would have hoped though, that many of those would realize the unsustainability of the system and vote for a true recovery.

I know I’m repeating myself when I say what follows, but it seems to me that people didn’t get it the first few times. Time is running out. The only hope (not in the Obama meaning of the word) for America is to get rid of the phony president and elect the challenger. I know that some people may not be sure of voting for Romney, but tongue-in-cheek I’ll say that my dog would probably do better in the White House than the illegal alien who’s there now! 
Do not be fooled by the sudden and false touch of “humility” displayed by Barry lately. He doesn’t think for a moment that ANYONE is a better debater than he is. In fact, he doesn’t think there’s anyone better than he is at anything! 
Another word of caution. This administration has been amassing enough ammunition to carry out WWIII and, as we were told in 2008, they wanted a second “civilian” fighting forces, just as good and as well financed as the existing ones. Hmmm. It sounds to me like a precursor and preparation for a civil war! 
Obama’s words, mind you, not mine. 
In conclusion, if you are still thinking of voting for Obama, in my humble opinion, YOU ARE STUPID!

God Bless America! 

Joseph A. Gamero
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