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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Obama or Romney?

The nation used to be known as the United States of America, was founded on the foundation of faith, Christian faith, a nation under God.
As every other nation, the United States has a Constitution, which in this case is a written constitution, a law to rule over every other law politicians might try to conceive, a law written under God, under the supremacy of our creator and His Commandments.
The Constitution of the United States is a document oriented to protect the individual while establishing its individuality before the powers of the nation, to protect him/her against the trespasses of those who claim to know more or best about each and every individual, dismissing their suffering and achievements as something academic that only intellectuals understand.

The elections now close to reach its climax in November are not merely there to elect a man to govern a powerful country, but a leader, someone who would understand what the nation  is all about and who can provide the proved leadership to guide the people out of the difficult situation is in.
Rhetoric keeps insisting that this is only part of a larger plan who everyone must endure in order to somehow somewhere; a moment will be found when everything will finally work, whatever that means.
November is not to elect Obama or to elect Romney, but what they bring with them, as leaders.
Obama has been the president of the United States for four years, of which, on the first two, he had all the power anyone could ambition to really provide the transformation, the change, he proclaimed to know best, as persistently announced by the media, resisting the temptation to denounce anything that might upset such a glorious endeavor. What has not been as transparent though is the nature of the transformation.
The USSR, the evil empire, pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan contribute to bring down, after seventy years of trying and trying again to find that moment when the people finally would be happy by virtue of their leaders knowing best, and all they left was death and desolation, fear and despair, and the reign of selfishness, because when the state offers everything, the state is capable of deliver nothing, leaving to the people to find their own ways in a lawless, corrupt condition where the law of the jungle is the only one that prevails.
It is not mystery why the Russian mafia has, after 1989, suddenly jumped to the world arena so rich. The USSR was a lie and the people had to live two lives to survive, while seeing how the system, blamed on everyone else but themselves why that 'plan' never materialized.
The USSR collapsed when the truth had to be confronted and so while the pope ask the people of Poland not to be afraid, the president of the United States asked the USSR to use the power of their system to compete openly and fairly.
The case of the USSR is not unique in history and was not the first and sadly will probably not be the last. Plenty of examples populate the history books, ancient, current and recent; call it the kingdom of the Pharaoh, the Roman Empire, French, Mexican, Cuban, revolutions, etc. The outcome has always been death, misery, hanger and desolation and never their fault.
One of the characters these despotic regimes is consistent on blaming is the most innocent in society, the little one, the weak and the disadvantaged, the one they can easily and without major risk destroy, or so they think; because these little ones are costing 'them' money, supposedly preventing their glorious plan from finding its light while distracting the people sedating them with their own selfishness.
In our days, sadly we do have 'leaders' in the shape of Pharaohs and Herod, assassinating babies, elders, the weak and the disadvantaged; trying to prevent the light of the truth to surface, so that their plans can pretend to provide 'protection' to the strong and the ones deserving life because they are useful to their preservation purposes.
Abortion of pregnancy is interrupting pregnancy, by destroying the human being in the woman womb, the one that defines the condition known as pregnancy, which starts at conception and which is meant to live through natural death. Many die much too early, it is true and the role of society is to provide enough love and care to our neighbor so that we can help making possible that divine mandate.
Abortion is never and can never be a service or protection to women because it is destroying the essence of what a woman role is from her creation, to be mothers, to be the most special gender that is equipped by God to be a mother.
Sex is not an end in life but the beginning of life, so selling women the idea of freedom by allowing unlimited sex is denying women the blessing of following God will.
Freedom and life are gifts from God and so, freedom without responsibility, without fear of offending God, is not freedom but slavery and that is what the proposal is that Planned Parenthood and other agents of death are issuing supported by the state as insisted by Obama’s plan.
Abortion cannot mean just choice, without being a bad choice, a terrible choice and there is a good choice which women as well as men can and do exercise at many instances and which God wants them to be good choices, following His commandments of loving Him first with all our hearts and intensity, and our neighbor as ourselves.
There cannot be such a thing as right to chose, because we all have to chose, like it or not, at every single instance of our existence. If women health is the concern, abortion is the worst recipe possible because it kills not only a human being in the womb but also destroys the soul of a woman who can be advised differently.
Abortion is death and who claims to be in favour of choice, is only trying to disguise the true meaning of what abortion is or, to be pro-death as opposed to pro-choice, because the later we all are while former only are those opposed to life.
Obama is pro-death and anti-family
There is nothing more important in the politics of a nation than the protection of life and freedom. That is the mandate leaders have and that is the service they are obliged to provide.
The Constitution of the United States is written aiming to find happiness by pursuing it from the individual up, not from the government down.  It fosters the power for the individual to be free in his/her achievements and failures, to find support not by forcing the system on their favour but by finding comfort and support from family and friends, by embracing the truth and love with humility and forgiveness.
The government role can only be to protect life and freedom. Any other ‘ideal’ imposed to the role of government, can only obey to the purpose of corruption and the destruction of both life and freedom, because of the egotistical selfishness of the elites, which as with the defunct USSR; will only find excuses and others to blame for what his/her tyranny are responsible.
Come November, it is not to elect Obama or to elect Romney; it is to preserve or to restore, the protection of the Constitution for the individual or, to surrender to the corrupt power of the state. It is to choose life for the nation’s future or to preserve votes for a system that finds death as its only salvation while diminishing women to a role of servitude of any wild desire others find for them.
Obama or Romney are far from perfect and so they do have many defects but, only one of them is the incumbent, only one of them has had its chance to change his nation and if he tried, he failed, because the nation economy, like it or not to accept or agree, is in shambles, because it has been suffocated by so much regulation and imposition, because the ideals of the current regime are founded not in the Constitution but on the power of the elites over the mediocre people, as they see all under them.
The economic health of a nation is reflected in the people being occupied in the prosperity and growth of their families, and while this reflection is projected in the jobs available to people, it is the nature of these jobs what is fundamentally important and critical, as slaves by definition always are employed while their dignity is ignored. Only freedom under God can give the individual the dignity to pursue his/her own happiness.  
Romney, for good or for bad insists on his ‘experience’ as governor of Massachusetts, to perhaps try no soften the impact in the minds of those seeing salvation or sanctuary in the government. The great difference as he has stated, is that he operated at the state level and as long as that is preserved, which is what the Constitution contemplated, the law of the land would be safe.
The Constitution of the United States, limits the power of the federal government while letting the state governments decide what their best paths are. Meanwhile, the individual is free to choose which state is most suitable for his/her expectations, to live and raise a family and to prosper and grow as God commanded.
The Constitution was founded on the principle of competition, between individuals, between businesses and corporations, and between states. Hence, the protection needed from the federal government is strictly for the freedom to be able to move and trade across borders or within the states. The role of the federal government is then restricted to national security and the protection by the law for the individual to move and act freely.
The best leader is the one that places him/herself lower than the smallest of the individuals, humbling to serve his/her needs by protecting his/her dignity, by providing an environment where protection for life and freedom can be counted on.
The worst leader is the one who places him/herself above everyone, even the law, only caring for his/her own condition of survival while letting his/her people to succumb under the darkness of self destruction by sin.
November choice is very clear and the paths are very distinct, and the result will truly fundamentally change this ideal know as the United States of America for generations to come.

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