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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Different ways to catch a tax cheat - Cheating is not the problem

Different ways to catch a tax cheat | FP Street | News | Financial Post

The "problem" of tax cheating is too many taxes, over taxes, on top of taxes, or put it simpler, too much oppression and too much abuse.
Are taxes necessary? Yes, they are, but not to do what they are doing because they are supposed to build a nation not destroy it. This is valid for every nation.
Income tax is the main culprit because it "works" for the power of the state to nullify or annihilate its own people, to protect its oligopolies, its protegees, the parasites it creates and the predators it nurtures to go after the ones daring to challenge the abuses. Even the ones that get any break following what the "law" allows, get punished by the crying voices in the dark, of the ones that see no evil in this damnation.

When the system gets or sees too many "cheats" maybe it is because the system is just NOT WORKING, because after all the system and its politicians and its public "servants", all are supposed to work for the people and not the other way around.
Taxes are not to provide charity. Charity belongs to the individual and that is one of the most blatant evils in the current system because it pretends to supplant the individual in that divine commandment, to love our neighbour as ourselves. When taxes go to build an state apparatus that can only keep growing because the first mandate that it can only conceive is to NOT trust its citizens, then love is not and cannot be in the equation, because love is giving not expecting to receive anything in return and the state is only practising that with the big guys who never give back even though they keep paying to receive and keep receiving.
Cheating is not the problem, the whole rest is and the solution is too simply for the media to notice it, because the media has been sold to collectivism too long ago to see any duty in protecting the small the little, the one that can be easily victimized by the system or the ones that call themselves powerful or actually elites. 
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