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Friday, September 7, 2012

Barrack Hussein Obama needs to go and with him this very wrong ideal of destruction which predicates human life to be a property of the state

The Democratic convention: Barack Obama's pitch to the centre | The Economist

If Barrack Hussein Obama gets re-elected in November, the people of the United States will have lots and lots to reflect upon because the country know as the United States of America, will have ceased to exist on behalf of just a well kept secret managed by the media to manipulate the nation.
The Obama government is a disaster and you, the media keep trying to see no evil, only your interests.
There is not left or right and of course there is no centre, only what is presented as extremes to be supposedly refused in the name of something containing both of the extremes, a 'best' solution. What a fallacy that is!
The "centre" gimmick allows those inclined for collectivism surrendering their freedom and lives to the wishes of the elites to feel better about the "choice" they are exercising while they allow babies to be murdered in the name of finding that "middle ground" that proclaims them to be at the centre of things. The real spectrum and that send us all to become slaves of a system that will be in constant change as the elites do change and their ambitions and selfishness too. Life and freedom cannot be protected because it is life and freedom with which collectivism plays its game to be the driving force which makes of every individual an object of the state.
The true spectrum if any is just a long line that describes collectivism and then a single dot which represents those who will not negotiate the life of their children, nor their families, marriages and most certainly not their freedom, individual freedom, to the degrading ways of a misconceived idea of democracy imposed by the corruption of the system.
Democracy is not and cannot be simply the prevailing of the majorities over the rest using as a referee the egotistic and selfish image of a leader disguised as a broken messiah.
Democracy to function needs of the individual to be free and for life, from conception to natural death to be unquestionably and without exceptions protected by the law, not politicians, the law, a law that is a product of the law given by God and which Jesus resumed as loving God with our hearts and intensity and our neighbors as ourselves. Love will always be the answer to seek and to find.
Obama ego an selfishness will bend backwards for votes disregarding life or freedom, because his only objective, his only goal is collectivism, the way so many nations suffered before because it is not workable, because when individuals need to be forced to accept things over and above God’s will, the result is the utopia communism is or fascism, or socialism or the so many different denominations given to the same wrong idea in order to make it look more “appealing”.
The United States triumph has been on the constitution that protects the individual from the abuses of the system.
It can be said that this process is not new, that the assault on the constitution has not been made first by Obama. That is true, but it is at this time that treason and cowardice was found to be the vehicle to culminate the assault that made Obama possible. Barrack Hussein Obama, the best kept secret has shown results and they are nothing but of the ugliest kind because not only the economy is in shambles, and no jobs are being created, because free enterprises do not become creative and prosperous because the system says so, but because they find the freedom to do so. Most importantly, the future is in jeopardy because Obama’s obsession with killing or is it the power of killing, recognizes no boundaries, because his misconceived “power” he is determined to take to the extremes he will see to perpetuate the evil he sees as the “change and hope” he fooled many as being its political platform.
Barrack Hussein Obama needs to go and with him this very wrong ideal of destruction which predicates human life to be a property of the state and freedom its toy to play votes with.
The Democratic party has become an evil machine of destruction and even if this model of incompetence survives, because voters did not have to show their identification, because voters are intimidated at the polls by gangs with baseball bats, knowing not to have to respect the law, or because the media keeps looking the other way or because the people thinks that Obama is really at the centre of something; the party will see the end of the nation they were supposed to work and fight fore but they instead decided to dismiss.
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