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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A shameful and sad moment in our history as a free nation

Mr. Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada

It is hard to explain to over 300 grown men and women the secrets of life, especially if all, without exception, have vigorously campaigned to represent an image of ‘salvation’ to each and every one out there who conceded you their votes, and with them, their trust on you and what you are going to do to ‘serve’ them better, with justice and fairness, or in other words, to protect their lives and freedom and count on them not to be threatened.

Motion 312 as it is proclaimed, when it is proclaimed, it is shameful, not because of what it tries to achieve, but for what needs or must be achieved in a country praising itself of being ‘the best country in the world’. Motion 312 tries, simply put; to define when a human being starts being a human being, not before the eyes of God, our creator and true God and living God, but before the law, as if at all the law could be separated from the truth of our own being, as if the law could really corrupt the will of God.

Many of you either do  not believe in God or if claim to do so, sadly chose to ignore Him, giving priority to your own personal agendas, including of course as personal agenda, being away from God, because it might impact political ratings or because some money from some obscure contributors are discretely supplying might be suppressed.

In any event, not believing in God becomes absurd because otherwise, why would the law be concerned at all with when or how any person is born? Without God in our lives and without being Him a pretext for our good behavior, but the love we owe to Him; our existence becomes just irrational and worst, erratic and thereby the presence of the law just becomes a matter of satisfying the most powerful, over the weak or the innocent. Without God, we would live in a lawless world where killing would be just a matter of convenience to satisfy someone’s ego, or selfish expectations. A world without God would be a world without love, hope or charity. Making emphasis on charity, it would mean that giving to someone would be, expecting some result, a business, an act of negotiating. A world without God would be a world full of fear, desperation and selfishness, selflessness would be inconceivable.

But let’s focus on motion 312 and what that brings to the table and perhaps a good way to present the issue is by focusing on when the person, becomes an adult. Today, a person becomes an adult in Canada on his/her 18th birthday. At that time, the person votes, but cannot drink any liquor, and it is way passed the time when could be licensed to drive a vehicle. In all three cases the person can become seriously dangerous to society and cause serious harm to others, be it by driving a vehicle not necessarily intoxicated, by being intoxicated and out of his/her senses, or by voting for someone just because of promises oriented to satisfy the selfishness of mundane expectations allowing despots to reign over the people.

Perhaps 16, 18 or 19 could be too, variables the law can contemplate for any person to be prematurely condemned to die at the hands of anyone seeing in this person the evil that a godless nation would perceive, only, on these cases the subject in question would not be entirely innocent and therefore much more justification would exist in killing these instead of a baby not seeing yet the light of day yet.
When is a human being one? Is it one minute before birth or is it one minute after, or is it seconds the right unit of time to use? Why not one week before or after, or one month before or after, or six or nine months or after? The truth is we, adults all of us, cannot see in any of these moments in time any correlation to the right to live, as we cannot possibly see the same for any other age. What is left is conception, because it is at conception when life happens, when a man and a woman, both make a child to become a human being, when that child starts having an identity as an individual. Being inside the mother’s womb for nine months does not make him/her to lose any dignity, because he/she has been created by God, consequence of a natural act designed by God.

A baby in a woman’s womb is the most innocent human being and cannot be blamed for anything, not for the licentious life style of the woman and certainly not for the criminal act of a rapist, or the dehumanizing point of view very misinformed parents can be.

In this country there is no death penalty. Criminals will not be condemned to be killed for his actions of which they are entirely responsible of perpetrating, the law apparently does not feel entitled to destroy life even if and when some has shown so much disregard for the lives of others. But babies and for some of you even the elder and the weak should be killed and the reason behind it is only one, selfishness, of the not-wanting-to-be-mother or of wrongly-denominated-doctors wanting to make their businesses ‘prosperous’ of family members trying to avoid the tests they have in their responsibility, and of the politicians who see nothing but votes on everyone’s faces. Selfishness is the evil behind this monstrosity known as abortion and which in most provinces health care acts, the people is forced to pay with their taxes, in many cases against their own religion mandates. The law is clearly already trying to play God, maybe that is where your mandate to protect life and freedom can do some good as opposed to try to look the other way when life is being threatened or destroyed.

Motion 312 is a shame, because it must be passed, because you, our legislators are too busy, or simply do not want to assume the true mandate you have from God, to serve and not to be served, to protect life and freedom and the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death.

I hope most of you get out of your busy agendas which mostly have nothing to do with the mandate you have from God, and to focus on that real mandate; to protect life and freedom.
Life and freedom are gifts from God, not governments and certainly cannot be legislated without losing that vital component of any law, which is the will of God, but if you feel so shy to act against the crime of abortion, perhaps you can taste the courage of doing something to set the terms so that the crime can be for once and for all stopped.

Let’s pass through this sad moment in our history and for once and for all establish that our law does protect us and our dignity throughout our whole existence, from conception and through natural death.

Maybe some women and some murderers in white clothes will protest, but what we owe them as we owe the babies condemned by them, is the truth, because the truth is the first step for loving, true love, giving to them the truth is the best gift we can let them have so that they can start seeing their own lives as God wants and not as they want.

Thanks for reading this humble plea for life and freedom

Cesar Fernandez-Stoll
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