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Friday, August 3, 2012

The Mega Mosques Boom - Where is the money coming from?

The Mega Mosques Boom | Geopolitics Right Side News

Lets build a small church in Saudi Arabia. Anywhere in that country, actually, anywhere in the Muslim world. It is claimed Islam to be the religion of peace, therefore, the details should not be as "complex" as they are in the not Muslim nations to just go ahead with any religious expression other than the predominant Islam, of course.
Lets buy some businesses in China, again, the details should be minimal in comparison to the tedious process anyone, including nationals, must go in this side of the world to just get in business.
The point is that capitalism, as positive as it can be for the prosperity of a nation, it can also become a terrible influence for other regimes. Are Saudi Arabia or China, capitalists?

Yes they are, only they do not sell themselves as such. The west, or the other side of the world I mentioned above, keeps giving them free money, under a variety of excuses only to find in dismay, that the money given to them is used to buy our freedom to impose their religions, yes, collectivism and atheism are religions, in our lands.
Capitalism will be the great answer only when and if, it is completely disconnected from government, there or here, because otherwise it becomes a tool, of destruction, here or there. We must disconnect from those fantasies that predicate "peace and friendship" while the highway goes only one-way.
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