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Monday, June 25, 2012

What is going wrong with the world?!

After the question which seems to come back at every generation, the clearest answer is perhaps…
The point is very simple, when we put our own ego, our self, at the center of everything… Do we expect the rest of the world to bend backwards to satisfy us?
We do have fundamental freedoms like opinion, religion, etc. Are those freedoms to be limited by the freedom of others? Are those freedoms to limit the freedom of others?

We love to call others selfish, seeing always the smallest thing in the eye of our neighbor, but failing to see the log in our own eye. That big log in our eye is our own ego.
Us humans, are creatures of God, created by Him to His image and likeness and as such we have dignity and haven been blessed by the gifts of the Holy Spirit which define our freedom; intelligence, wisdom, strength, science, piety and fear of God; to have and enjoy freedom, accountable only to God for the use or misuse of our freedom.
Through history, we love to see ourselves as having progressed through time into the current place and time in history, which while to some is perfectly convenient, for many is a horrendous one, as it has been across times and places.
God created us free commanding us to grow and to prosper and we have twisted the concept into ‘liberating’ and progressing, for which history has evolved into total collectivism.
Collectivism has existed forever as it can be read on the bible at the times of king Nimrod, or in the pagan world too, where so many models presented before us, like that of the Pharaoh, or the Caesars, etc. illustrate us of different flavors of collectivism where the people must give away their freedom to satisfy monarchs or elites always knowing best, always powerful enough to disintegrate us should we fail to obey the designs of their plan.
The problem with all of these schemes is ‘elitism’, where the powers of some assume controls over the freedom of others, usually sold as the good intention to serve the most but ending up serving just the few.
Throughout the Old Testament, the chosen people had been called by God over and over again to learn about the freedoms of the individual to live a life of worship to Him and not to whatever comes to distract through the journey.
The chosen people for four hundred years ‘enjoyed’ full employment as the people of the Soviet iron curtain ‘enjoyed’ full employment too, and the elites on either case claim to be providing for the people asking from them only to surrender their freedom.
In the Egypt of those days as in the Soviet Union of the XX century, the people grew to ‘live’ of the state, of a system that would give them peace. The Romans were not much different and they too provided employment for free, except of course, the surrendering of freedom.
Jesus brought us His word of peace through truth, love, humility and forgiveness; a formula which dared bringing down the most powerful empire the world has known and which did change the world and His church, the mystic body of Christ, the holy Catholic Church, has triumphed through two thousand years of persecutions, abuses, slander, executions, torture, etc. Because the church will prevail because God said it will prevail.  Jobs were no more the element the people saw us the ultimate goal, but the dignity of the human person and the love for God, our creator and the weapons? Truth, love, humility and forgiveness, and sacrifice could be added as it was no more as important to lose the body as it is to lose the soul.
Heresy, schisms and reforms have come and go and some still remain, and some other cults, sects and religions have been formed or conceived, included those ones that insist not believing on anything or persevering in doubt, but which at the end believe only on themselves.
History shows us monarchy as a way to solve the world problems and then monarchy became a failure to some because of the corruption of power and so democracy was invented and confusion emerged and the ‘concept’ was forced into being an imposition of the majorities  over everyone else. The enemies of Christ, from within and without, pressured for its disintegration and liberty was presented as a triumph for the people, of reason over faith.
God created us as individuals, with an identity, and He loves us individually, each and every one of us, from conception to natural death. When God gave Moses His Ten Commandments, the law was for the people to be obeyed by the individuals, being this the leader, the judge, the king or the most humble of the people.  If anyone in a position of power dares to produce a ‘law’ that contravenes the law of God, that law lacks validity, because it is not supported by other truth than the one satisfying the subject producing it and as seen across history, it is bound to be repealed, refused and rejected. It might last more than a generation, but at the end, it will end being lost in history as nothing but the product of the selfishness of the elites.
The law of God is concise and simple and so the law of humans must be because it cannot do more than what God has given us already. The law of God is truth, love, humility and forgiveness, because it places Him, our only living God; our omnipotent and almighty creator to be loved first with all intensity and second our neighbor as ourselves.
Progress or prosperity, which is it?
Progress implies movement, dynamism, as opposed to stagnation or stalling, while prosperity, implies our ability to be better than before, not necessarily financially, but spiritually, and for that, our morality needs to be in line with that prosperity.
Happy is he/she who needs less not who has more.
Our selfish world of today tells us of everything to be relative with the exception of our freedoms, which are absolute. Such a ‘formula’ can only work for one, which is the subject in full control over the rest, without any external entity, be God or be state or system, or of course, be the devil, that eternal conspirator and masterful liar, and so denial of God and every other authority becomes imperative to make that fantasy possible, that illusion ‘real’. The devil sees his ways and even if he is denied by his followers, he finds in the selfishness of the elites, the useful fools to sedate the people into such an illusion while collecting their souls.
The persuasion of the elites starts from that absolute sense of freedoms which they of course, will protect and stand for, as long as the followers do as they say which of course; make them renounce their freedoms as God intended them to be, accountable only to Him, making them accountable to them, the elites in power. The truth, will be relative also only to the elites and what they feel and need to look like the truth. The people fantasy is then turned from what the people want into what the elites need it to be and so the people become prey of manipulation. The devil has the elites and the elites have the people in their selfishness, in their individualism. The freedom the people has, is been turned into slavery to the mercy of the devil and his damned designs.
Freedom is not absolute as the truth is, because freedom coming from the Holy Spirit through His gifts, must include Fear of God as the vital component it is and which means that our freedom comes from God and it is accountable only to God and the truth cannot be altered because it is what will last for eternity as our souls will.
Selfishness is the direct opposite of love
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