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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Museum’s sex exhibit “insulting to taxpayers”

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An open letter to...

Hon. James Moore, P.C., M.P.
Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages
Canadian Heritage

Here we go again!

Appeasement, they think they own everything and that peace is simply to make ignorant of us all, while carrying on with their evil intentions.
The truth, will find us before we can find it, because the truth is everywhere and comes from God. The same as freedom and life comes from Him, not governments and certainly not from preferred groups or friends of the government. 

To pretend that because some people, because of their age can be prevented from seeing the obscenities of this trespass and misuse people's funds, the people should be appeased is equivalent to saying that despite they being right, they are ready to 'concede' some so that their message can pass without further scrutiny, while they, of course, cannot be farther form the truth.
The truth however remains alive and well, although not in the hearts of the ones trying to destroy the souls of those who trust them.
It is NOT the role of the government to support, benefit, sponsor, finance, or whichever way can be eventually be creatively put; projects that are outside from the only tasks assigned to it which are to protect life and freedom.
A display, or teaching of how humans engage into sexual extremes is hardly any representation of any truth, or protection of life or freedom.
The only goal to be achieved out of these absurdity will be to confuse the weak while enslaving them more into the mess our society already is.
More and more these crimes against humanity, demonstrate over and over again, that the only purpose of government is to protect life and freedom, and nothing else.
I wrote you on May 22nd, 2012 the enclosed note and I insist. The government must remove any type of involvement on this and must focus on reducing its size and concentrating on protecting life and freedom, of all Canadians, not just the some that want to make us all into their problems. Charity is not, to live like they do but to help them find the truth so that they can face it and abandon the evil of their engagements. 

This is not acceptable, nor it belongs into a museum, we pay for, nor it is any educational piece of any kind

There are many people obsessed with sex nowadays, many are those who are like in frustration because they feel not to be ever satisfied, out of impotence or merely because they can never see enough power in their hands to subdue to their filth anyone that crosses their paths or worst,  that can be targeted. Sex however is what rapists, child abusers and every type of monster out there; is driven by to perpetrate their crimes, which our society decides not to be crimes anymore because, sex is now the driving force for humanity.

Sex is not an end in life but the beginning of life, out of love and marriage, in the only possible way it can be, between one man and one woman. Sex is not an entertainment and it is not a game or a profession, it is an act of love conceived by God to give us continuity, for us to grow and multiply.

What in the world is sex doing in a museum? Hypocrites claim to be too many of us are in the world and so they want babies killed, but sex, they need to promote it their filthy ways. They want each and every one of us to reach their degree of degeneration and depravation. Selfishness is indeed the opposite to love.

We, the people of Canada are suffocated enough with taxes over taxes and then more taxes, your government charges us to fantasize about elite nannies giving us everything, except life and freedom, of course, and yet, the money you confiscate from us, from our hard work and our sweat and our tears, you use it to promote sex that satisfy the ones that… what?

We kind of feel being slaves of the system already, do you want us to be your sex slaves as well?

What exactly is what you see in these perverts that make you think there is some ‘political risk’ on not doing as they say… or else?  What exactly is that “else”? That you are so afraid of.

Our Prime Minister, it is already known, is scared to death to face the question of life and our minister of Finance, keep dancing around faking tax reductions but not reducing anything, and you try to sneak in museums with unlimited ways of sex. What else is coming from these ‘Conservative government’ that is not conservative at all?

Corruption has many ways and names and it is in big governments where it grows and history teaches us that it is corruption, always from within, as it could be any other way, what makes empires expire. Canada is not an exception, because our national identity is already showing us that we don’t have one anymore and our sovereignty, well, it belongs to a country club of magnates where our ‘leaders’ need to go for directives… again  or else.

Maybe your idea of leadership is to be agreeable to everyone and anyone and that makes absolute no sense. Leadership is to put principle before popularity and the only possible way to achieve that is to reduce the size of government to a minimum, so that degenerates find it impossible to take advantage of your weaknesses and our trust, and to do like with this ‘museum’. You are entitling cowards to rape us and our children, for whatever you care for them; with these ‘advances’.

What exactly are you doing while they carry on with their ‘projects’? Your job is to care for Canada and to protect life and freedom and to be slaves of sex cannot possible subscribe to any of either.
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