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Monday, June 11, 2012

Me, myself and the truth


What or where is the ‘problem’? Is there a problem?
As we progress into the second decade of the XXI century, in a world we want to see as ‘civilized’ and ‘advanced’, we seem to be stuck in a world which history show us so many times, repeating the same misery plaguing us and even if we find the point where we feel to have overcome finally our difficulties; new ones arise bringing more misery to our existence.
We’ve seen many empires, powerful kingdoms, disappear, always from within and not always to be replaced by better ones but many times worst and many times evil arrangements that pretend to appease us  because we ‘think’ our problem to be war, or that pretend to show us progress, because we think our problems is poverty. Our true misery though is to seek what appears to be good for the self, while completely ignoring the will of God, our omnipotent creator and His plan.
The most problematic and damaging word is ‘I’!
We have been all created to God’s image and likeness and because of that, we have dignity, and we have been provided with very special gifts by the Holy Spirit by which we are free and have the free will to do as we are pleased. We can only be free as long as we put all the gifts together not ignoring anyone of them; intelligence, wisdom, council, strength, science, piety and fear of God. One of those gifts is ‘Fear of God’ which reminds us that it is God to whom we are accountable for the use of those gifts or freedoms. We cannot then be free as long as we ignore our responsibilities before God, our creator and giver of life. We can only have freedom if we are individuals with an identity before Him.
As individuals, we cannot remain isolated, because from creation we’ve been commanded to grow and multiply, and for that we’ve been created in two genders, and only two genders; one man and one woman to be united in marriage to bear children forming a family. Marriage and family are institutions created by God for us to grow and multiply. As humans we are social creatures because we are commanded to love God first, over and above anything and everything and to our neighbor as ourselves, which is how Jesus condensed the Ten Commandments of the Law given to Moses in Mount Sinai.
Hence, we are social individuals, not just social and not just individuals and our link is love, to God first and to our neighbours after and we are free being accountable only to God for our choices and decisions, which we exercise and execute at just about every instance of our existence.
Our problems come from placing our own self, that word ‘I’, mine, myself; before everything and to use our freedoms only to satisfy our own desires, vices and ambitions, to be selfish.
Love is to give not ever expecting to receive anything in exchange or as retribution.  
When caring only for oneself, nobody can actually love, because selfishness is the opposite of love, because it seeks not to give but always and persistently to receive.
When we seek ‘progress’ instead of prosperity, instead of grow and multiplying, we chose to stagnate ourselves into just moving in any direction, which we only want to pretend is the right one, but which in our egotism, bring us only to illusionary solutions and fantastic worlds where peace is nothing but the absence of conflict and controversy, and the reign of political correctness disguised as absolute freedom, for some, in detriment of the rest.
Individualism is what selfishness is and collectivism nurtures it because the elites that govern the collective society need to exploit selfishness to satisfy the individual while ignoring their social nature. It is not wonder that collectivism actually pursues the destruction of marriage and family as well as the so called ‘freedom of choice’ because they are in their way impeding their purposes. As ironic as it might be to consider collectivism socialism, it is only because socialism, or communism, or Nazism, or fascism or the many other mutations of the same misery; all aim to enslave the individual by disguising the true intentions of their evil nature, thereby destroying the dignity of the human person, individuality and identity before God.
Collectivism is not a follower of God but of the gods, their elites want to present as their own version of gifts to replace the ones granted by the Holy Spirit.
As long as humans insist on seeking ‘solutions’ outside God’s love, misery and destruction will be on every attempt to bring that perfect society, because life and freedom are dismissed and they are essential to prosperity as truth, love, humility and forgiveness are for peace.
The world since the very beginning has grown into conflict after conflict and the modern era has made many to believe God is the problem, the true and only living God this is, because no hesitation is put on creating whatever god is needed when trying to fool the people with fake solutions to the misery the elites create to oppress.
Only with God, humans will be able to find peace, growth and prosperity, and the only way is truth, love, humility and forgiveness, what Jesus Christ taught us as the culmination of God’s new and last covenant. We all must be followers of Christ through His church, catholic, apostolic and roman, because it is the only way to salvation.
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