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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is peace a global statistic?

The article title says: World more peaceful in 2012: Study - World - Canoe.ca
Peace comes from the individual and it has to do with embracing the truth which with love, humility and forgiveness, it can guarantee to provide peace for nations and individuals.
Peace is never the absence of war or conflict, but the acceptance of the truth.  
Of course, peace is by every intend and purpose, equated by the media with no violence, no war, no harm, no confrontation, no controversy, and the sequence the media can build to reinforce their plea for giving some sense to political correctness is endless, still peace, needs of individual consent, through all of the above. Political correctness denies our individuality and it is not and can never be a way to achieve peace, but a denial of the freedom each and every human has coming from the Holy Spirit.

Can the world become more peaceful one individual at a time? Or is it only what nations the media or rather, statistics can achieve?  
The media, which embraces elitism and therefore collectivism, it is clearly following its own objectives and plans, which require more times than not, to hide the truth so that their political goals are achieved or close to achieved. Yes, the media is biased and the truth is not in their ways to present the facts, but what or when facts can provide something for their cause.
How can the individual build peace if the world is so dependent on development and other things, all of them far away from what individuals can control or do?
Happy is who needs less not the one who has more!
Are individuals seeking peace, selfish?
It is a matter of how not what, because individuals are man and women, the only two genders God created and part of that peace is to embrace love, which means that one man and one woman, under the only possible conception of marriage, get together to complement, give everything to each other building up a family, bearing children and making peace more attainable by teaching those children about truth, love, humility and forgiveness, so that peace can be passed through generations.
Nations are built from families that share the same convictions about faith and religion and so that peace, can be propagated throughout the nation.
The peace of a nation can be broken when forces from within or without, break the truth and produce illusions and fantasies that become destructive to the nation. Empires and kingdoms have disappeared by succumbing to assaults, mostly from within by a culture of death and deception, by contaminating the law with arbitrary gimmicks that denied the law of God.
Is it peace in the world what the intention is?
Of course peace is a good thing to wish for! Only peace must always be taken from what really is, the presence of the truth and the acceptance of it. Maybe it is time to embrace the truth Jesus brought us as He told us in one side that he is giving us peace, while on the other He too warned us about confrontations at every level, from the family up because of the truth others will be ready to deny and attack and ultimately persecute. He taught us to fight by remaining in the truth, regardless of how tough and despotic the enemy is/was.
To love our enemies means to present the truth before them, with love, humility and forgiveness.
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