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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TTC audit looks at transit delays & doughnuts | Posted Toronto | National Post

TTC audit looks at transit delays & doughnuts | Posted Toronto | National Post

This city requires to be serviced and as it seems by looking at how the TTC does that, the service seems to be all to their people and none to their clients, the people that must use the service because transit is all but abandoned.
The TTC needs more routes, not less, and more efficient, not less. The subway, or if you want the monorail or whatever is the cost-effective way, which has to do not with union satisfaction but with public acceptance because is fast, economic and safe; needs to be extended ten fold, as it works in most cities all over the world, including many in Canada.

Beyond that, transit must abandon the quasi-corrupt system that says that one street light is needed every time more than one car is waiting at any corner. Traffic lights are the worst polluters of the environment, they force cars to idle many times and constantly, emitting their poisoning gases at just about every corner. Traffic lights force unnecessary waits which besides menacing the environment, generate serious economic problems for everyone, corporations and workers trying to do their days work. The automobile is not the enemy, only a resource to try to go around a problem which is way overdue to be resolved.
Runabouts are a way to solve the problem of traffic lights, making most drivers to avoid left turns and keeping the cars at more efficient operational performance.
There are out there many drivers that seem to be too scared to drive, not because they are driving safe, but on the contrary, they are trying to be safe at the expense of everyone else. Panic is not a skill but a problem of stamina that needs not to be exposing safety for all the people on the road. Driver licenses are a privilege we are told many times when the issue is drinking and driving or talking over a cell phone, then why is it that so many licenses seem to be just given as a 'right' of some sort, to people that is not prepared and that is even scared of their own shadows. Passing a truck on the highway seems to be a typical case, where reluctantly someone 'parks' at the left of the truck, stalling everyone behind, creating a traffic mess and then we are being told it is safety what they are practicing.
Many issues many options, many solutions, and then again, we are distracted by what is good for the unions or whoever makes money out of installing so many traffic lights with no other purpose but to stall the economic flow of the city.
Corruption has many faces and many ways to disguise as safety, or efficiency, when none exist.
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