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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Harper rejects his MP's motion - MPs denounce motion to study when life begins

Dear Mr. Prime Minister of Canada:

I am writing to you regarding the motion put forward by a Conservative Party of Canada Member of Parliament to… figure out?! When exactly a human being is one, or more precisely when human life starts. The CBC is already ‘reacting by expressing the absurd, please take a look at the link http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/story/2012/04/26/pol-abortion-debate.html

Many times for many years you have expressed rejection to engage into the debate about abortion or anything that gets too close to establish the truth. Truth, which everyone want to avoid because it is convenient for those that, like you, see political convenience in hiding it from everyone, like the emperor parading without any clothes… sorry, the clothes are there is the people that is failing because do not see them as you do!

Like the emperor without any clothes you keep parading, if it is not this most important matter, which is to get all human beings protected by the law, it is your maintaining us all enslaved by taxes and more taxes, from fuel tax to income tax, and then again there is much more. The government continues growing in size and in impact on the people.

But let’s focus on the most important issue, which this reluctance on you to let the truth be brought forward. Perhaps the issue was presented in a bit confusing way because the impression the CBC, THE CBC, another cloth you do not see! The CBC presents the matter as something going against women. ABORTION IS THE KILLING OF BABIES, the victims are babies not women. The women who abort is because they do not want their babies and prefer to kill them before facing the truth of their own choices. Yeah, there is the case of rape, but even then, or is it precisely then, killing a baby for what the father did, is hardly justifiable to be called fair let alone humane.

I really hope you are able to sleep well with all these murders on your conscience. Maybe you are one of those poor souls that because it is not politically convenient, they even refuse to believe in God, even if we saw your Easter discourse… are you a hypocrite?

God is our creator and it is the only living God and all of us will come to face Him for what we did or FAILED to do.

Human life starts at conception and through natural death. Abortion is not a right nor it is a freedom of anyone, but murder, because it kills the most innocent human beings, all in the name of selfishness… just like the emperor without any clothes pretending the laughs from the people are because of his stature… it is pity, because the collectivist mentality that brought so much degradation into Canada, it seems is embraced by you and your government and you just refuse to see it

God have mercy of your soul.

Cesar Fernandez-Stoll
307-88 Palace Pier Court
Etobicoke, Ontario
M8V 4C2

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