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César Fernández-Stoll
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Friday, April 13, 2012

What is this about?

Is this about justice, race, the rich, or ‘salvation’ of certain groups from the abuses of others?
What ‘this’ is all about is nothing but the destruction of individuality for the rise of the elites over individuals converted in masses only identified by numbers, as cattle, completely denied of humanity and dignity.
‘This’ is nothing new and is a scenario constantly repeated and resurfaced throughout history. Peoples socially gathered from tribes to kingdoms, or republics; none of them wrong establishments as humans are social individuals.

When that clear definition is in perspective; ‘humans as social individuals’, the goodness of creation benefits all. When that definition is broken to describe humans just as individuals or just as a social scheme of any sort, a collective scheme for submission, or when both are mixed together into a social group where individual ambitions make their sole objective; the corruption of humanity brings the people to its own destruction.
On the former, people are required to participate, constantly and persistently, each and every individual, equal before God, our creator but unique among each other. Freedom and life are acknowledged as gifts from God as well as His institutions. Growth and prosperity are God’s mandate to the individual by marriage and family. Truth is absolute while freedom is relative to fear of God.
On the later, people are fooled into participating ‘occasionally’ to decide a frequently changing direction, which accommodates the elites that govern the group and which manipulate it to their own selfish objective. The people are fooled with gifts by the system which is seldom provided under slavery to the wanting, of the selfishness of individualism. Freedom and life are considered gifts of the system as well as institutions which the system can impose. Growth and prosperity are studies of the system for which marriage and family become obstacles. Truth is relative while freedom is absolute while dependent on what is politically correct.
What this is then is a confrontation between being free and alive, or enslaved and death by the system.
The people fight is for life and freedom by getting back control of the system.
Collectivism is a persistent lie that destroys humanity and imposes the will of the elites, and must be rejected and repealed, along with every attempt to make it look benevolent for the ‘good’ it appears to carry.
This is about life and freedom, the only mandate governments have, about human dignity, about social justice and the administration of common goods, from the individual to society.
We are individuals that need and must love God, we are social creatures because we need and must love our neighbor.
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