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César Fernández-Stoll
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The vote for life

While the parliament in Canada debate to debate if debate is debatable to debate for the truth of life…
We all fall to the absurdity of putting before a vote, or polls, mostly oriented to get ratings; the truth of life.
Abortion is a crime, because it is murder, it kills a human being, denying him/her with not just a future, but the love to grow and live to the plan God has designed to that most innocent human being.
Humanity is not a matter of vote, of majorities or opinion, it is being created to the image of God and to His likeness, it is to enjoy the gifts of the Holy Spirit it is to be alive and to live for truth and love, with humility and forgiveness.
Democracy is a very dangerous word that might be used very wrongly to infect our minds with the Devil’s venom of selfishness. If democracy is of any good, it can only be under the form of being the govern of the people as individuals and families over the so called ‘masses’
Life and freedom are gifts from God and cannot be negotiated by any form or method. 
If democracy is to be of any good, the way is to pressure those that asked for your vote to be elected to represent you, to fight for life or get out of the way, because their selfishness is not what they were elected there for.

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