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Monday, April 30, 2012

The problem is collectivism and taxes - Global job crisis 'alarming,' International Labour Organization says

Global job crisis 'alarming,' International Labour Organization says | Economy | News | Financial Post

The answer is not in the many plans tried and offered, but in the control the people is subjected to. The true job creators are businesses, mostly small and medium sized businesses, because those are the ones asked to engage real challenges and real risks and for which they understand with crude reality and clarity, what means to be in business. They understand the true meaning of loving the people that make the economy work.
While politicians entice unions and other groups of power, by strangling the economy with taxes and more taxes so that their friends and protegees keep destroying in the name of their own selfishness, true businesses find a real problem to survive let alone create jobs.
While government maintain an ideal in the slavery of all the peoples making that the ultimate measurement of happiness, while unions and other interest groups, including crony capitalism; keep making money the only purpose in life, the true fighters keep struggling to make a living.
It is controls and centralized government what the problem is and what needs to be changed, letting the people free to work. It is collectivism what the problem is and what needs ton be eradicated.
The solution is so simple only that it is so menacing to those who do not let power and control go.
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