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Friday, March 9, 2012

On what is natural, relativism and the family

On a discussion about the truth behind sodomy and its legitimacy or need for acceptance; the point was introduced on what was natural and what was not. Almost naturally after that, came the point about the family in the relative world we live today.
The fact is that natural is what responds to the natural law, or in more precise and clear terms, what and how God has created everything.

The discussion on what essentially are the sides, becomes an elusive ground to present under that very small word; ‘gay’, which no too long ago meant pretty and beautiful; an infinite variety of mannerisms, inclinations, deviations and everything that human paganism would describe as of their own, to describe only them. Sodomy of course is avoided because it specifically describes the act which becomes so abhorrent and that depicts sexual intercourse between two or more people of the same gender. So the confusion needs to be there not to let it be known that chastity has nothing to do with it, when it has everything to do with it.
But the truth is that selfishness is the true driving force behind the whole confrontation. Selfish on one end and love on the other, the other word persistently misused to pretend that love can be just an attraction of one person to another.
Love is giving not expecting to receive anything in return and God has given us the Commandments that Jesus condensed in two, to love God with all our hearts and souls over and above anything and everything and our neighbours as ourselves; then there cannot be anything wrong with loving everyone and anyone.   
But love is not sex, although sex is an important part of the relationship in marriage, because sex is required for the start of a life and so for a family to be. Love in sex, requires giving oneself to the spouse becoming one. Giving oneself means committing oneself to that relationship becoming one from the two; one man and one woman.
An interest note is that adultery and divorce are also two fantasies that share similar illusions, and so selfishness becomes protected with no regard for the consequences.
If natural becomes a word that will represent anything, literally, anything that human imagination is able to conceive, and in a world full of fantasy and illusions, that is plenty; then the family too can become anything and children can become anything and everything will become whatever, in the name of the self, in the name of selfishness. That is what the world of relativism is all about, a world where everyone else is a subject of the self, of I, me, mine… So where is God in this world? Nowhere and maybe somewhere, because God becomes too a subject of the self, only if God behaves and does not put in the way, ‘issues’ that deny the self as the centre of one person universe and so the whole point then gravitates around our creator.
If the Church was accused because it challenged Galileo of daring to say that the Sun was at the centre of the universe, which is clearly not true; now the truth is being challenged because it dares to say that the centre of the universe is not the self.
The theory of evolution and the religion of atheism becomes suddenly a player on the whole confrontation because it denies the existence of God and so too, just like the sodomy ideal, it hides behind the confusion of being, because for evolution alone to be the original of life, never is analyzed to its entirely, only producing theory after theory in order to substantiate this concept called evolution.
Evolution only God knows to what extent was used by God in order to shape our whole universe, but without Him, the whole concept gets reduced to poor luck, a lottery that decides with an incredible and absurd precision that nature was created on its own by chance. Like winning the lottery billions of time on the same set of numbers over and over again until… it stops and the world becomes established. Really!
Naturally, after such a conclusion so inconclusive, everything and anything becomes acceptable, except that God exists, and selfishness becomes a variety of religions and faith on amulets, horoscopes, light, whatever, because if it worked once, it must work again, many times, for me, only for me, because I have either good luck or not and so, my whole involvement becomes relative too not to the absolute truth but to some elusive concept that is so scary to engage to the end, because the truth will always be at the end and the truth as it is at the beginning; rejects love because is receiving what the self wants and not even the truth can break that illusion or enchantment.
The whole process is then a matter of accepting God or rejecting Him and it has nothing to do with tolerance or compassion or modern era.
Sodomy is a sin and needs and must be rejected for society to exist as so adultery and divorce and most definitively abortion. Political correctness cannot be allowed to take command of our destiny as humanity relies on the institutions of family and marriage, true marriage, the union of one man and one woman, the only ones that can produce life, from conception to natural death.
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