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Friday, March 30, 2012

The budget goes a bit in the right direction but still needs more

Terence Corcoran: Fiscal fight left for another day | FP Comment | Financial Post

The Edmonton Journal

Maybe it is not just fiscal conservatism what is needed, because money can be used one way or the other to make people feel happy.
Yes, there is much more to be done about reducing expenditures and there is much more to be done about reducing the size of the government and limiting it, but without true spirit of intention, without principle;  it will be very difficult to reach any end but to keep satisfying the death collectivism (Liberal and NDP ideals and PCP deeds) has imposed on Canada.
That spirit needs to come as a true social reform, not by embracing and trying to keep nurturing and watering the socialism the collectivist society has cultivated, but rather by rejecting it by recognizing the individual and families as the true potential for the economy to grow and prosper. Freeing families and individuals by reducing and eliminating so many taxes, is imperative.
Taxes need to be drastically reduced and the social ‘medicine’ of the past decades imposed by the Liberal mentality, repealed and refused by legislation.
As scared as the establishment is of the social conservatism idea, by pretending to be just a bit or actually a lot; fiscal conservative, all it is achieved is but to perpetuate what the ‘science’ of collectivist elitism has built; an economy that marries government with its friends and protégées and which establishes that it is only the government who can produce anything viable despite of how absurd or damaging it results, to the nation, culture and the economy altogether. Selfishness is not any good option; love is alone with the truth, humility and forgiveness; the foundation of Christian faith.
Watching CTV News last night, it was presented as highlights of the budget that Canadian businesses now had to work harder to compete with the business south of the border. I think the positive point should be that Canadians for much too long have to survive with the excessive high prices north of the border, not to mention the lack of diversification in the offering.  Maybe is the taxes, maybe the regulations, maybe the greed of the businesses, but the reality is that the cost of living in Canada has become well over the truth of the state of the economy. How is it that having the United States a much more impacting crisis than we experience, their economy seems to be offering much more, as it was before their depression.
One key issue which does not seem to be touched is the price of gas which seems to be out of control and which yes, it affects everyone’s pocket and chances of survival. Canadian businesses maybe need to change the aims of their defense towards all government levels denying everyone the benefit of a competitive economy. Now there will be something to start reacting against, but should not be the flexibility of going across the border, which actually impacts on the personal freedoms of every Canadian, but on everything that makes doing business in Canada, such a difficult task. Canadians go over the border to buy because they do not find anything comparable in Canada.
Another highlight was the 10% over three years ‘affecting’ the CBC. My suggestion was and still is for 100% and now.
This government supported outlet needs to compete on its own, with the rest of the private sector outlets and really get into the real life, onto the business world. If they have something good to offer, the people will support them, not by forcing the ones that don’t like it to pay, but by paying them to keep it going. The CBC keeps propagating collectivist fantasies because they are never exposed to lose anything, always hiding behind potential political persecution but politically persecuting everyone not in their political agenda.
 If the people like them, they should be able to stand on their own, and if not, they should close, like any other business.  The existing talent in their payroll, if good, then should not have any trouble competing for jobs at other companies in need for them.
If the government cannot sell them, they should be dismantled and otherwise, just converted into relay stations in the north to propagate other outlets work.
The rest of the highlights were on, of course, how the neediest were going to lose government subsides, being these of course, for the TV audience, the weak and innocent ones. These people care about the weak and innocent ones when the budget appears to go against their greedy ambitions, otherwise, try for the government to go blind, deaf and mute to encourage the systematic killing of the weak, innocent and needed in the name of the selfishness of individualism.
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