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Thursday, February 2, 2012

A matter of life or death

Maybe I am the only one in Ontario, ‘experiencing’ a confrontation with the 407ETR corporation, or maybe not. So far it seems the fact is that I am not, that many out there are subjected to billing from the corporation. No, I am not saying unfair, discriminatory or any of the kind, but I am going to say, unsupported and unsubstantiated.
The issue of the matter is that the corporation, for some presumably important reason, is blessed by the province of Ontario to have the ability to stop the licensing of any individual who fail to pay the corporation anything they ask for even if they apparently, are not able to support with facts what they claim.
People have died already by being forced into taking their own life in their weakness and failure to ‘move’ the heartless corporation into producing compelling evidence of their claims. Of course passively, there are provably many out there who are in the way of finding the end of their existence due to the stress induced by the corporation by calls and insistence about things they say are being owed to them. The province, keeps silent and even worse, the media, keeps silent.
I dared to challenge them and told them some years back that I was not going to talk to or with them anymore unless they brought me to court on the charges they presented. I made the mistake in the last three years to pay at the MTO outlet, out of expedience, of the amounts demanded. This time they went beyond my reach and now my eyes are opened.
The point is far from substantiating bills though, but it is of finding the government of Ontario ‘partnering’ with a corporation, to make their system ‘successful’ at the expense of the people having to abide to whatever they are subjected to. Yes we are all proud to be Canadian, but it has to be for the right reasons and to fake success is always more in the side of cheating than of actually winning.
The media at each side of the equation is not getting involved, because there is no media any more. The so call power of the press or the freedom of expression through the media, have been long ago lost to the interests of what is politically correct or what is politically inconvenient and as it seems, not even those claiming to be protectors of free enterprise and free markets, feel courageous enough as to venturing themselves meddling into denouncing a private corporation abusing the people, even though the corporation reflects everything of what is wrong in crony capitalism and which is the kingdom of oligopolies constantly feeding corrupt politicians into destroying their own people, in greed and obsession for power and control.
The people sees in the nanny state as something that can work for them, without realizing that the nanny state is the one that will marry these corporations willing to engage on any type of ‘business opportunity’ so that they can have something to call success. These are not enterprises embracing risk and sacrifice, but corruptors of free enterprises using greed and presenting success as a by-product of what the system can help them with, anything, regardless of destroying the freedom the people must have in order to sustain the system.
Free enterprise is founded on freedom for the individual, not government and as much as government interference can be far from it, the more evident success will be. Governments can only destroy freedom by obstructing it.
When a bill is shown in the mail, it does not mean the bill needs to be paid just like that, even if it could be subject to litigation afterwards. But the ‘law’ gives the system the ability to obstruct any attempt on anybody to prosper and grow. If it sounds like an oxymoron maybe is because it is one, plain and clear. Bills are supposed to be demands of payment for services rendered or products sold and they must have solid base behind them.
Oligopolies are meant to be so that corporations and governments help each other, with the people underneath them just surviving, they are what is known as crony capitalism.
In Ontario the courts are closed, yes they are because they require large amounts of money to be able to just open any action. The courts are also closed because corporations like the 407ETR, can ignore any communication that is not related to having to beg them to bend just a bit so that you can keep operating. There is supposed to be an Ombudsman assigned or is it designed, to deal with ‘disagreements’ between anyone and the corporation. The so called Ombudsman is apparently paid by the corporation; it even has and shows the corporation logo. The people needs trust in the system and this is far from a display of trust, more like request for submission this is, blind and undisputed submission.
 If the people show the slightest sign of dignity, death might be just around the corner and will be by the hand of the ‘partnership from hell’ between crony capitalism and any government. They’ve given the upper hand and they will execute while they notify you to be in their conscript list, the ugly ones that… hey! Maybe if you go against the trend, they could even be notified by the government about the need to suppress you, to erase you, to inactivate you or is it to deactivate you.
If the corporation needs to succeed, then let them be creative to do it on their own, not by assaulting the people meanwhile.  
The XXI century is showing to be not too different from the other twenty centuries or way before that. There is hope though in faith and with the help of God it will be in the hands of the people to find Him to turn things around and to restore the rule of the law and law itself, as the law of God and not what just the friends and protégées of the government see as a law but only for them.
It is imperative to bring back our freedoms and basic rights and responsibilities. The only ones that can achieve this are the people by getting back to God and the foundation of Christian life which is truth, love, humility and forgiveness, from the individual up.
I hope the people promptly reacts to this and many other trespasses and put pressure on our politicians to either represent us or get out of the way. It is time for true democracy, not a mockery disguised as power for the majorities, or minorities; but true power for the individual to be an active and productive element in society. Democracy can only be genuine when the government is reduce to a minimum and it becomes limited to the extreme, only then the individual can enjoy freedom, and the market to be free.
There is nothing wrong with licensing, but lots wrong with subjecting licensing to the desires of any private corporation.
It is God who seats our representatives but we have the duty to help them by pressure them to be genuine representatives and not vehicles of corruption, despotism and tyranny.
They are there to serve not to be served.
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