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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Virtue, it is virtue what matters

We must pray that our leaders, at every level, are blessed by the vision of acknowledging the mandate they have from the one only possible source the can give any mandate, God almighty; to serve and not be served, to protect life and freedom as well as the dignity of the human person, social justice and the common good from the individual to society.
On the ongoing presidential race in the United States today, and on just about every other contest for votes everywhere in the world, it seems that the tone of the day is to look for destruction of the opponents while ignoring the virtues offered.
The ideal to be elected over the rest, it seems, imposes the ideal to bring defeat by destruction of others while not going through the problem of presenting own virtues.

The big problem with this is that actual virtues if they exist, remain hidden, while making the impression that of a subject free of fault in the past, present or future, but we all know that we are not perfect and that we have our own share of failures, deception and sins, carried over years of accumulating experience. It is much better to leave judgement to the only one capable to do it, God, and instead focus on the character of the subject so that his/her virtues emerge as evidence of what they really are or represent to the people.
I believe ten candidates where initially on the run for getting confirmation as the one to represent the GOP, the Republican Party, to confront Barrack Hussein Obama in the presidential race in 2012, eleven months from now.  The focus so far, it is on anybody but Obama, mainly perhaps because the idea is that perfection is the only way to face him, as if he, was some sort of ‘messiah’, the one that the collectivist main stream media have depicted as invincible, despite his disastrous record everywhere and on anything.
The MSM has the ability and it is given strength by its followers, to directly assault the character of any candidate and win, beating on their past as if their preferred candidate, in the past was all free of faults.
As Martin Luther King Jr. dream told us, he wished for one day to judge a person for his/her character and not for the color of his/her skin. Or the past…
How can one judge the character of a person?
The immediate answer that comes to mind is by his/her beliefs and how attached is that person to them.
Believing in God is not a requisite to become a candidate, but it is important to know if the person truly believes or not in Him, the only one living God, our creator of each and every one of us to His image and likeness, or if instead, he/she believes differently. There is no obligation for the candidate to be one or the other but there is an obligation for the candidate to be honest and to live his/her life according to his/her beliefs.
It is important because the people otherwise does not have any other way to see through the consequences of their choices. This  is even more important than to believe in the constitution, although as important is to express it openly and frankly so that the people can make a better decision about the candidate to be chosen for the important trust to be invested upon him/her, to lead his/her country.  The transparency of the character of the candidate comes together with the transparency of his/her plan and the path he/she intends to take the nation to.
Barrack Hussein Obama, was supported by the MSM blindly, or perhaps not so blindly, to be elected under an ideal of change, which was to be delivered with audacity, even disregarding the constitution. His religion, faith or beliefs, were kept aside, let alone the legality of his birthright to be president and yet, the media kept on his quest to impose their own philosophy over anything or anyone that might show in the way. Today, they are not showing much of a change and their focus is still on bringing down candidate after candidate in Barrack Hussein Obama opposition without touching anything about his character, faith or beliefs.
So, what is exactly Obama’s religion, ignoring always the Hussein in his name?
It is known that during twenty years he attended a so called ‘Christian church’ which despises the United States and it is also known that his path to public life was initiated by a ‘communist revolutionary’. This has been placed in the past and requested not to be taken onto consideration because it is placed in the past. However, it is the past what it is relentlessly explored and searched to destroy candidates at the other side. Should not they follow the same rules?
The means justify the end. This is what the ones that ignore God do in order to achieve what they want, and nothing, absolutely nothing is in the way to get there.
It is not illegal to become president of the United States and be Moslem too. It is actually a constitutional right… even though the constitution of the United States goes contrary to what the Moslem religion predicates as the way they are supposed to carry their lives and country. Freedom of religion means that the state cannot interfere on anyone’s faith, but the constitution cannot force anyone to vote for a candidate so that the candidate feels good about his/her inclusion.
Change and audacity alone do not constitute under any stress of imagination, a plan to lead or govern any nation or any people. Change can mean fight corruption or can mean to throw away the constitution, by imposing a completely different political organization for the country. Audacity is something that has to do with the ability oneself assumes to impose whatever he/she wants and, to do something requires either the will of the people, and to be allowed by the constitution has its ways to achieve that, and that does not include getting rid of the constitution, because after all, the constitution defines what the country is all about, defines its character and its faith and faith of the country known as the United States of America is Christianity and it comes from the Judeo-Christian tradition.
Not everyone must be a Christian, but the law of the country follows the Christian religion and the Ten Commandments of the Law and the premises of living by truth, love, humility and forgiveness with faith, hope and charity; all of these coming from the individual, not the government, the individual alone, and his/her family.
Collectivism or no collectivism, that is really the question, and to go for the former, it is necessary to completely and fundamentally transform the country onto a different nation with a different character and different ideals, a whole change.
Collectivism in many forms and shapes; communism, socialism, Nazism, etc.; have plagued many nations with many disastrous results. Not a single one can be claimed as successful. The economy of Europe is destroyed because of it and the XX century has shown how lethal and tragically can become. Sadly though, collectivism never accepts its own reality but tends to blame anything but their own philosophy, where humans are not humans anymore because they must become just pawns of the state driven by elites that decide who and when anyone lives and how, so it is the fault of being human altogether.
Collectivism in itself is the extreme because it does not accept to coexist with anything as an alternative. It uses the depiction of extremism of the right to try to disguise itself in the public opinion as something conceivably benevolent and so the people try to make themselves believe in a centre that does not exist because it is not possible, because to be part of the ‘centre’ implies to be part of the collectivist society and when just a little bit of freedom is given to the state, the state will take it all. Freedom is precious because it is a gift from God, never from the state and the freedom most precious is the dignity of the human person, from life, from conception to natural death.
Collectivism finds no issue with defending life pretending to be defending instead choice or some obscure right to kill in the name of selfishness and finds no issue in defending the institutions of marriage or family, because they too are and can only be a gift from God, to fulfill his commandment to grow and multiply.
Collectivism will find opposite to grow, prosper or multiply, because they predicate and foment equality among people which goes entirely against the gifts of the Holy Spirit that define our freedom, our being humans with the dignity to try and fail, to worship God and to repent for our sins. We are equal only before God and not each other.
Collectivism imposes relativism of the truth and absolutism of freedom, both unreal fantasies oriented to confuse the human mind into believing in being superior to God, therefore making sin something that only the state will establish by political correctness while everything else is permitted.
Collectivism never seeks its ends but slowly and progressively advances because centrism takes the people to them, not noticing what they are getting into.
Collectivism uses taxation as the way to establish control over people in order to control everyone with absolute power.
Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!
The election is clear, collectivism or a constitution that predicates the freedom for the individual and families to be faithful to his/her beliefs. To vote according to the character visible because it is open and tangible.
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