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César Fernández-Stoll
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

It is good or evil, not left, right or center.

The people is continuously being told that the way to win their vote is to get as close to the center as possible. What does that mean?
The left is painted as some sort of ideal where collectivism is taken to some level, it could be an extreme level, which is never clearly defined, or some ‘moderate’ level, which is everybody’s guess what it means.

The right it is of course painted as a culture of selfishness where the ones in there are all rich and greedy, and that is the extreme of course, and moderate is something that, it is also everyone’s guess. Capitalism and Nazism and fascism are constantly placed under this end of the equation, because after all, the most dramatic failure of collectivism has been Nazism and so it cannot possibly be perceived as being part of the left end. The fracas of the Soviet Union is still being confused in the minds of the people because it is the closest they’ve got to the collectivist Nirvana.
The center is supposed to have a bit of both.
Collectivism has been tried by many nations for many years in many shapes and forms; socialism, communism, Nazism, as well as other forms of state driven oppression; all of them disasters of historical magnitude and some lasting for millennia.
 It is very difficult to list all of them but it is possible though to present the common denominator in all of these attempts to transform the world by bringing heaven to earth, which is the essence of collectivism. The nanny state as the provider of good things for the people, freedom being a gift from the state and the state having power over who gets to be born and who does not and the obsolescence of the family as the nuclear component of society, the economy being something that the state massages or manipulates so to deliver goodness to the people; all of these under the ‘good’ eyes of the elites in control.
One characteristic of the nanny state in the collectivist society is that the truth becomes too a property of the state and so it becomes relative to how politically correct it is. Freedom becomes absolute and it is also in consideration of that same political correctness and so, it is predicated that the truth is relative but that freedom is absolute. The requirement for this of course is that exercising freedom needs to be always towards the self, in the most egotistical and selfish possible way and so, collectivism becomes the most individualist society and the people under it are ‘happy’ in their selfishness. Socialism is just a useful word that intends to provide a social image that is not.
Collectivists see God as an object of their interest for the delivery of their expected results, hence many collectivists, paint themselves as Catholic, Jews, under presumption to have God at their side… as long as God behaves, it buys votes from their ignorant victims that see no evil in their intentions.
The problem though is where the human being needs to be, because humans have been created by God, the one living God, to His image and likeness and so, humans do have dignity, which means that we are not to be mixed or treated as any other animal or being but to care for what God has created for us, to grow and multiply.
We humans are free because of the gifts from the Holy Spirit, very special gifts which we have, to exercise our free will. The truth is absolute while our freedom is relative to the will of God.
We humans are individuals with an identity which is not a number or an id card, but an expression of the relationship we have with God our creator and so it is from that relationship that we respond to Him for how we make use of our freedom.
The real question is then between good and evil and between these two ends, cannot be middles, centers or anything similar to it, because nobody can be a bit evil or just a bit good but either we follow the will of God, His divine plan, His commandments; or we don’t.
We cannot obey His commandments if we do not love Him over and above everything first before loving our neighbour. Love is giving without expecting anything in return.
We cannot properly exercise our free will, live in freedom, if we ignore the gift of ‘fear of God’, because it is what makes our gifts valuable and worth. We have only one absolute truth which we recognize and seek using the gifts God has given us.
There cannot be centrism because we cannot serve God and the devil at the same time, even if a bit. The proposition then is to follow the truth or follow that collectivism mess with which will try and try again to replace God in our minds while develops selfishness in our souls and destroys our humanity.
The question is then to follow the truth and to resist the surrendering of our lives to that ‘ideal’ telling us that we are entitled to everything by the power of the state, because the state, is formed by the people and will never be able to replace God, nor the elites nor any community organizer with the greatest intentions.
We serve God, the state serves the people. The state can only serve us by providing protection for life and freedom, not the economy, not health, not education, as all of these are responsibilities and never rights or entitlements.
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