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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Illegal Aliens, In-State Tuition and the Law

Immigration is a tool for political manipulation and obtaining cheap votes. Well, maybe not so cheap, given the amount of damage the 'ideal' foments and produces on many areas.
The matter though is that too many byproducts of 'immigration' are constantly exploited for or against while all of them are not the point that should really be resolved.

The real and actual question is on what type of nation and what type of country the people want to live on and of course, if the chosen answers are 'livable' given all the consequences.
There are two ways to go and only two. Collectivism which gives the power to the state to reign over the individual, or individuality, not individualism, but individuality; which gives the individual power over the state.
Collectivism exploits the ideal of the word democracy to represent the power of the people, when in reality, the people has barely any power whatsoever under the collectivist ideal of 'democracy' because they intend to produce several schemes where the people will vote, not to chose them or reject them, but to just slightly modify them so that some sense of power is perceived. Under this ideal of course, there virtually no limit to which the governing apparatus will grow to satisfy all the permutations the ideal might confront or be confronted with.
The ideal of individuality cannot accept a very large governing apparatus because the individual reigns over his/her own decision and thereby is not able to focus in the governing ideal. The government then can only be small and limited strictly to the functions of administrating common matters of the state such as safety, law and order and security, but not issues exclusive to individual concern such as health, food, education and so on.
Hence, immigration as a problem is nothing but a problem of big government and a game everyone has to fall to because it is 'given' issue ans the answer will never be either that; everyone can freely immigrate to the country, or, that every immigrant needs to be 'different' than the people form the country.
Rights is a favorite word of collectivism because it is part of their 'compromise', that surrendering from the people of their individuality, loosing just about every freedom, because of the equality people must accept and so transforming the idea onto individualism, which is a necessary mutation onto what is 'good' for the individual and should be given by the state as some sort of concession which of course never will be, because it is not so much a prerogative of a person to be completely 'equal' to another and so a flipping of reality occurs and so, truth becomes relative and freedom absolute and either under that scheme is not truth or viable.
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