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César Fernández-Stoll
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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Today I feel wonderful!

My prayers have been answered and our Lord Jesus has given my freedom, He has shown me the way.

Today, my worries have become faith, hope and love. I feel the richest man in the world.

Today I’ve been shown the truth, the power of God in the truth of the gospel and the word of the Bible, Old and New Testaments and the guidance of the Church.  

I am starting today a number of campaigns for the salvation of my brothers and sisters in the world, from those who need most to those who think not to need anything. 
  1. The truth is only one and absolute while freedom is relative to our accountability to God. There is no substitute to the truth; there is no freedom without responsibility.
  2. Human life and dignity starts at conception and through natural death.
  3. Life needs to be advertised as the wonderful gift from God it is, and so in rejection of the culture of death that has our lives contaminated with the selfishness of its destruction. Abortion is not a right and it is not a woman choice to exercise, it is murder because it kills a human being and so it is a crime against humanity.
  4. The holy institution of marriage needs to be advertised as the only possible way a marriage can be, as the union of one man and one woman and nothing else, because only one man and one woman can have children and form a family.
  5. The family needs to be advertised as the nuclear element in society as composed by a man, the father, a woman, the mother and children, offspring of the marriage between the one man and the one woman. Sodomy, adultery, divorce; and anything that conspires against the family needs to be repelled and rejected with active enthusiasm.
  6. The society is made up of families seeking common good, justice and security and so are formed by people and so they need to be responsive to people.
  7. People assuming the responsibility to administer the common good, justice and security of society, are public servants and as such, they are there to serve the people and never themselves or their friends or own families.
  8. All people are equal before God Who created us to His image and likeness and so people is not equal one to another, because we are individuals, capable of thinking on our own and deciding on our own and dependable of each other 
  9. God gave us the law in a very simple short and concise way, for everyone to understand and follow. His law was the Ten Commandments which cannot be functional unless we love God first with all our hearts and souls.
  10. Societies cannot produce laws that contravene the law given by God or constitute itself as a bad law.
  11. The good law we are obliged to obey, the bad law we are obliged to disobey.
  12. Freedom is not a gift of society to people but a gift of God by the Holy Spirit for which we are responsible only to Him, our creator.  There are seven gifts of the Holy Spirit; intelligence, council, strength, science, knowledge, piety and fear of God. The goodness of these gifts define our freedom and can only work together or otherwise become evil.
  13. Love is the essence of the truth as without love cannot be humility and without humility cannot be forgiveness and without forgiveness nobody can be forgiven.
  14. Selflessness is the true meaning of love and so selfishness is its opposite and anything that places the self before love, or giving not expecting retribution, it becomes an instrument of evil.
  15. Education is the duty of parents as the only custodians before God of their children. Society cannot impose education over the children without clear consent of the parents on a case by case. Public education can only exist as supplement to private and not under the imposition to replace it.
  16. Educating is responsive to a vocational impulse to teach and cannot be accepted as a vehicle of self satisfaction other than the natural reward of knowledge built in the pupils.
  17. Health care is responsive to vocational intentions of care over the needy and cannot be accepted as a vehicle of self satisfaction other than the natural reward of seeing the human spirit raised or health restored.
  18. Education and health care cannot and are not part of the mandate of any administration body of society, because of the peril it introduces to the integrity to the family, the one institution it is supposed to serve and protect.
We are not creatures isolated, living just by chance with each other, but we do because we belong to a social group to which in our freedom we have chosen to contribute to with all our own gifts and virtues. It is because of that freedom that we are part of the social group we are in and so, our contribution cannot be of cultural imposition but of humble expression of the truth.

If power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Power is in the human spirit to use the gifts God has provided us with to be free and to fulfil His commandment to grow and multiply, to be fruitful and to be participant in helping our peers and neighbours in their own salvation.

Charity starts at home and opens in an infinite spiral to reach everyone within our reach and according to our possibilities.

Religion is our culture of believing. Faith is how strong our belief is. Hence, everyone single one person believes in something and therefore every single one person is a religious person. It is the truth and goodness in those believes what defines that belief, that religion as a true one or not.

It is never what the people who say to follow this or that religion what defines a creed itself because people is free and it is so empowered to follow their own will power and do very evil deeds in the name of the creed they claim to profess.

This is the way I am trying to synthesize what starting today I intend to do and predicate as part of my new found freedom. 

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