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Friday, November 25, 2011

Is there a need for a Ministry of Religious Freedom?

Revealed: Conservative gov’t memo to minister on meeting with Vatican | LifeSiteNews.com

Is there a need for a Ministry of Religious Freedom?
Does not that imply government deciding on what religion is best, the true one, etc?
Instead of worrying so much about these matters which in essence belong to the people which are the ones who happen to be free for God's grace, not government one.

If Quebec is out to lunch, specially in this, the people in Quebec, as the people in the Soviet Union or Germany, or Cuba, or even the Middle East; did or do, in the moments of long obscurantism, will keep their faith and they will pass to the side of the sheep to the right hand of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is never up to governments to do anything other than protect life and freedom.
Hence, the point as with the matter of the sadly infamous Human Rights Commissions or Tribunals, where freedom is tried to be looked in the political aspect, as protecting political correctness; it is not the competence of any government to deal with life or freedom in any other way but protecting the right of the people, all the people to be free to belief what is their decision. The government cannot but by ways of despotic and tyranny, impose anything in matters of faith or freedom.
One more reason to go back and reflect on what Canada is being converted by the establishment trying to control everything and why, it is imperative to reduce the reach of the government and its tentacles to the minimum, by reducing its size limiting its functions to nothing but administering the common goods of the country while legislating in a simple form so that everyone can understand, laws that accommodate to the law of laws; the Ten Commandments, resumed by Jesus as loving God with all our hearts and souls, before anything and everything and our neighbor as ourselves.
A hint. The law is not to facilitate or promote; divorce, adultery, sodomy, theft, murder, envy. The law is suppose to protect the institutions of marriage, family and the gifts of life and freedom.
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