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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Alarm as China’s factory sector shrinks | Investing | Financial Post

The reflections of an imaginary world. Mixing a centralized economy and society, pretending that can work just find avoiding that small detail 'freedom' and not just that, every other economic and financial principle. In other words, wanting everything just for that idealistic concept of human development... and the worst is not even mentioned yet which is the state of slavery and degradation if not inhumanity of a nation that wants to 'lead(?)'. Killing their babies as a matter of policy and ignoring the well being of their own people.

Yes it sound much like the sad 'aspirations' of many politicians in the 'free world' but this is China, the nation that was supposed to show the world the middle, the center line for the future.
The problem is that China lives of the west, of the nations that invented things, that created products, that develop their economies so that their own people would prosper. Yes, many will cry that the Chinese invented gun powder and the paper and the kites and... what else? But the 2011 Chinese all they are re-inventing is misery, the worst kind, the one only measurable by human suffering.
China might rise to control the nations of the world, but it will be only because the nations of the world are bending backwards under an illusion that carries the same type of destructive message collectivism in all of its forms and shapes has carried across history. So the history of how capitalism conquered China and then how China conquered capitalism, will turn to be that, a closed and locked idea into an imaginary world that does not exist, because China is a central economy that will only serve the purpose of a capitalism that is entrenched and lost in its own greed and selfishness, or that of their leaders, just like China. Nothing is so different after all.
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