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Saturday, October 8, 2011

What if the recession doesn’t happen? | Trading Desk | Financial Post

Recessions are old and have always been and are part of human nature and are an important tool in political manipulation and reality and awakening. But recessions are also a consequence of mostly government intervention, over regulation, intrusion, obstruction and propaganda, a consequence of people relying on the system before relying on what they are capable of administer and manage.

Down below it is the suffering people, the ones who loose their jobs and their credit, the ones everyone turns their back on because they have ended with nothing and that have become pariahs when yesterday they had enough to say the least or plenty and every one adored them.
From all this picture what is missing is the true spirit of faith, hope and love or charity, which can only come form individuals.
What has this to do with finances? For many nothing and for many everything, because the economy is about life, not death, it is about hope, not desperation, it is about faith not fear and it is about love not selfishness and yet it seems we now are living in a world, as we have seen it before, of every negative about the human experience and the dignity that accompany each and everyone of us, because we want only pay attention to the big picture, forgetting that it is our beloved system who takes away in the name collective bargain surrendered to the state, every positive aspect of our existence, from God, our creator to family, marriage and even life.
If we so much want to avoid 'recessions', we must trust God first and our instincts next and... the system? Let's do not forget that the system is precisely what we have created to have a better life, which can only be positive, prosperous and with a future to look forward to.
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