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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Political Islam a ‘necessary gateway’ for Middle East democracy: analyst | News | National Post

Political Islam a ‘necessary gateway’ for Middle East democracy: analyst | News | National Post

The developed world is developed thanks to the church, specifically; the Catholic church, the word of Christ, the propagation of the gospel.
It is the enemies of the church, yes, including those within the church who have, are and will continuously conspiring to place the word of God to their objectives. This does not make the church bad, but reveals how bad people's action might get to be.

But the idea has been, schism after schism, including the surge of Islam as well as the so call ;reformation', to bring down to earth what Jesus and the Bible teaches, because love, truth, humility and forgiveness, are matters that the politics of humans, when selfishness takes over, cannot accept.
I think Islam will have a much more negative effect in the lives of so many in Middle East, and the world, as it has throughout history, because it has the wrong idea of God, because God cannot be manipulated or managed by humans. The whole nature of God works the other way around, as He is love and truth and there is no room for love, when a claim is stated that God want to kill or destroy or even steal, just because some do not want to believe in Him. Clearly justice is on the way, but it will never be in the hands of people trying to make of Him guilty of revenge, intimidation, terror or any kind of crime. He is the ultimate justice and He, we should trust, will take care of applying it as He feels appropriate.
We should detest sin and reject it and love our fellow humans and invite them to share the truth.
It is not only Islam who has been persistently very much dedicated to destroy sin, not despising it but ignoring it. If Islam is guilty of murder and terror among not just infidels but its own people, the reformation, enlightening and so many fallacious other philosophical tendencies are guilty of material worshipping, murdering children in the name of rights, conspiring against the sanctity of family and marriage as the institutions create by God and not humans, to give us all a society where love can abound and people can grow, through families and multiply by matrimony.
The secular society is a myth as an Islam society is, because humans on each end, perturb the freedom God has given each and every one of us, created to His image and likeness, with the dignity that He and only Him has provided us. Freedom is not something governments or systems of government give or allow, they come from God and so they are for us to preserve and use to respond only to Him.
The idea is to let people enjoy a system where life and freedom are the only duty of government, as their obligation to care for them, from conception to natural death and not to try to distort God word by trying to 'create' idealistic unions of people pretending to equate them to marriage and most important, not to force sin not to be what really is, a terrible offence against God our creator.
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