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Friday, October 7, 2011

Occupy Wall Street crowd failing to attract average people

Apparently this civic display of 'protest' against... what? Well who knows, I guess each on has its own case and grief, but this display is coming also to Toronto, if it is not already here, and the only common denominator seems to be to get rid of the system, whatever that is, because the blame is on corporations, and banks, and everything and anything but government, which implies that these people are actually looking after maintaining the status quo or having the nanny looking after them than actually wanting anything changed.
Change requires compromise and in the case of Obama and his promises, the people and businesses in the US do not seem to be ready for the compromise and so, it seems the 'strategy' is to bring up a notch the class warfare and show some muscle so that we all understand that the masses are the army Obama promised so that the people is ‘educated’ against their will if necessary on the way the government is useful for the useful idiots.

But the need to protest exist and it is evident and obvious because the economies of the world cannot sustain any more maintaining these systems where half of the population lives at the expense of the other half while certain businesses keep maintaining a close relationship with government, so close that it can be smelled and the odour is of putrefaction.
While the people needs jobs with dignity, and cash to not just prosper and grow, but mostly to survive, the government expects the people to look them all up in claim for mercy and compassion, because the cash by law is being confiscated and denied to whoever does not live with the system and so, the government, magnanimous and omnipotent tries to play the role of God to decide who lives and who dies and so families and individuals need to adjust to change while the system is not going to.
Huge corporations have receives an injection of capital that allows them to break the rules everyone else is compel to abide by and yet, these corporation as everyone knows, show no signs of the same compassion they have been provided with, and the government is not God and so does not love as God does because when politicians ‘help’ is not without a reason but to exercise power and control and to provide more room to tight the screws on the weak so that their protégées and friends can ‘succeed’.
In a different note, governments are trying to sell the idea of permanent employment by going back to building pyramids, not just physical ones, which will keep people distracted in their slavery but also imaginary, in the ideals of social security schemes and ‘free’ medical attention which necessarily keeps expanding that spiral of corruption.
The people has definitively and without a doubt reasons to protest, but to go out and stand in front of Wall Street or Bay Street or any other street, is nothing but feeding yet another side of the problem which is the media, which will say anything while the government can provide them too with means of survival .
The real protest is first exercising the right to vote and to be truthful and over and above everything, keeping very clear in everyone’s minds that it is not and never will be governments who give freedom but God and government cannot be Him and cannot supplant Him… and never will.
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