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Friday, October 28, 2011

Obama Offers New Student Loan Rules : Personal Liberty Digest

Obama Offers New Student Loan Rules : Personal Liberty Digest

Student loans, school/university/college subsidies and every type of government 'assistance' control of academia; all are tied together and are one of the most blatant sources of slavery in the current world.
Academia, because it 'depends' on subsidies form the government, not private enterprises or the community as it should be; tends to develop hunger for more cash, and so it allows groups of power like sodomites, Marxists as well as many other groups, of government choosing, to infiltrate and in this way confuse the minds of children, polluting them with ideas of collectivism and other wrongs exploiting their natural idealism.

Of course, students are trapped, because if it is not the assignments, it is the qualifications on those assignments and if not, well, it is their way into their own prosperity which they will find is more politically bound that what they think or refuse to admit. And so, society, impulsed by that other monster of enslavement, the income tax and other many taxes, have impose upon students that extra ideal that says they are not supposed to do what their talents or inclinations or vocations mandate, but that what gives them more money, because after all; "everybody knows the power of the IRS and there is only one truth, death and taxes" and so, it is money what is required not happiness and so, doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers and even priests, are now not bound by vocation but by what their own self tells them is more 'profitable'. I have included priests because one of the by products of this paradigm is the fact that people not vocationally motivated to deal with children, tend to abuse them and this too include teachers and every other people out there in position of leadership. And the spiral, because it is not a circle of life but an spiral of destruction, a leviathan, called government control, which keeps growing and growing like the Blob, that movie Steve McQueen starred many years ago and which depicted what a monster that only eats and keeps eating flesh and not flesh is or can be and which us, in the XXI century are only finding.
Student loans should not be needed and governments should focus only on respect for the law, for the protection of life and freedom.
Without that intrusion of government in families, women would not feel so 'liberated' to choose killing in the name of pleasure, sorry, health(?), right(?), being women(?!) and being the family not so invaded by the government demands, there would not be this obscure pestilent plague called sodomy but solutions to social problems from individuals, family and community up, not form the government down. To cut this 'process' from the source, it is imperative to not just reform the taxation system, but to make it so that politicians clearly understand their duties to serve and not be served and so, taxes can only small and of one kind and never altered but by the effort of the people and the mandates of the market.
Under this premise, taxation to be fair and just, can only be applied to the goods and services people freely chooses to consume on an equal percentage. My idea is 3% without any deductions of any sort. If the poor is capable of buying something, just pay 3% of the value, or otherwise cannot affdord it and if the rich wants to pay an immense amount of cash for anything, pay the 3%. The poor would be paying $0.03 for a dollar while the rich would be paying $30,000 for a million. With no deduction, and in consideration of the economic cycle, perhaps the true tax would be in the order of 12% to 15% altogether on average.
The best part is that government will have this and nothing but this to work with and so it will be forced to downsize to its minimum or is it maximum, productive level and everything excessive, will not be affordable.
Another last point is that finances, would be much more manageable for the people, because of the influx of cash, credit would need to be applied only as required and not to cover what the government with its taxes don't let you. Of course small businesses would flourish as the people will not have to just through credit on them but actual cash.
The morality is not in being able to pay for credit, but on wanting and committing to do it and it works for both sides, the lender, giving to the ones that can pay, and the recipient.
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